Why I Paid $25K To Come To Boise! | Marketer Monday 31

This episode is coming to you from Boise, Idaho! I’m here for a business mastermind that actually starts today.

This is the most “curated” mastermind group that I’ve ever been a part of so I’m hoping to get at least 10x more value than I get at “traditional” marketing events.

In this episode, you’ll learn why I’m here, what I plan on achieving, and how you can get updates.



Hey, what’s up everybody? Anton here from Performance Marketer and I’m coming to you this week from Boise, Idaho and don’t worry. I’m not stuck on a layover or anything like that. In fact, I actually paid $25,000 to be here, okay? And that’s what this episode of Marketer Monday is going to be about so let’s go in here. We’re going into the hotel room and I’ll kind of tell you guys about it and more about why I’m doing this episode from here, in Boise, Idaho.


Alright. That’s better. So I’m actually out here for a two-day event. It’s a Mastermind event; a business Mastermind. And it’s supposed to be myself and like 25 other people. I think 25 people total and basically the idea is that we’re all going to sit in a room together for two days; everyone basically has a chance to talk through, kind of where they’re at in their business, something they’re working on, something they’ve learned recently, something they need help with and then where they want to be, you know, in the next six months or so. So, pretty traditional style for a Mastermind. The difference for this one, and honestly the reason I paid so much to be part of it is because I realized that the other people who are part of it also spent that much money. And I know that might sound ridiculous, but here’s the thing: I 100% see the value in any business events, right? Any live event. If it’s not just for the networking alone, the value that you’re going to get from even like one or two take-aways at most events, will pay for it, you know? And I’m talking about your typical $500-$1,000 ticket price, you pay that. You pay for your travel. You pay for your hotel. Yeah, it’s a lot of money but you meet one person there that’s a good business partner or, you know, good maybe joint venture partner. Or you get one take-away from one speaker that can make you ten-times that in one year. It’s pretty much always worth it.


So, to me, the reason that this one, I’m kind of going like above and beyond that normal event experience is worth it, was because once again, I know everyone else here kind of invested that same amount and to me that doesn’t only mean that they have money, which of course is a good thing, it means they’re actually running businesses. But it also means that they’re invested in their own education and in their growth. And that’s the key thing because what you’ll find, like especially like in a lot of online forums and online Facebook groups, is, you know, maybe it’ll be a group of about, whatever, Facebook Advertising, and you’ll see people posting questions. And you don’t know who they are. You don’t know if they really have a passion for it. You don’t know if they’re really invested in it. You don’t know if they’ve been studying it for years or it’s their first post or they’re a week old, right? And it’s kind of the same thing at live events but the benefit there is you can usually weed people out of the crowd pretty easily by having that 1:1 interaction.


The benefit of this one, I hope. Again, it hasn’t started yet. I just got to Idaho a few hours ago. So it starts tomorrow and I’ll report back on this. But to me, I think the benefit of this is that everyone here knows what they’re doing, alright? So what that means is it’s a small group, just 25 people, and it’s people that know what they’re doing and it’s people that are invested in this process and it’s people that have businesses, right? So, I think it’s basically going to be, what I’m hoping, usually if I go a conference, I hope like 5% of it is useful to me. This one I’m hoping it’s 100% and I’m hoping I can get some huge take-aways from it.


With that being said, the reason that I wanted to make this the topic of this video is because I know personally, for me, you know, even as recent as three years ago I would’ve never considered investing this amount of money to a Mastermind, even though, you know, three years ago I was almost 10 years into the business, making plenty of money online. I could’ve afforded it. But I didn’t have that mindset of, you know, even getting small take-aways that make huge impacts and now I have that. So that’s why I like, I just saw that huge shift where I was, versus where I am, not in terms of financials but in terms of mindset and willing to invest, kind of above and beyond what I ever thought was necessary, I guess.


So, I’m curious for everyone watching this right now. If you, you know, let me know have you been part of, I guess more, I don’t want to say exclusive but more curated, maybe that’s the right word, more curated Masterminds like this one. And if you have, what kind of results have you got from it? And really, like, what do you think the best strategy is for making the most out it? Because that’s the thing, you know. Just because the other people I’m going to be in the room with, yes they invested the same amount of money, yes, they’re in the same position as me in business, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to walk away with take-aways, right?


I kind of have a game-plan as far as, you know, what I’m going to do, who I want to talk to, the introductions I want to make, how I’m going to position myself and where we’re trying to go; but I know there’s going to ways that I can go there and walk away and not get anything out it also. So I’m curious, if you’re the type of person that invests into live events and if you’re the type of person that invests into these more curated Masterminds, really like, what are your main take-always and why is it worth it for you? What have you gotten out of it? Because I really do believe that especially in the marketing space and the entrepreneurial real space, there’s a huge value in this type of group but again, it’s only if we, as the attendees or as the members make the most out of it.


So I’d love to hear your comments below. You can go ahead and just post them below on this video and guys, if you’re not subscribed to this channel on YouTube yet, definitely do that. It’s youtube.com/performancemarketer. Because every week, sometimes I do like a quick training, sometimes I just share what I’m up to in life, like this week. But I always keep things updated. So if you want to know what I get out of it, what the results are, definitely hit that subscribe button and I will keep you posted in future videos. So, thank you everyone. I’ll report back after the next couple days and let you know if the $25,000 investment was worth it.

Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Performance Marketer - a place where decades of real world marketing experience is shared. He began building business online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses.


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