Every Paid and Free Tool You Need to Create Your Next Lead Magnet

When you create your lead magnet, you’ll want to enlist the help of a few tools to make your job easier.  Choosing which tools to use will depend on the lead magnet format, your design and writing skills, as well as how you wish to promote your new piece of content.

Below is a list of tools, free and paid, that will help you create stunning and high-converting lead magnets. From the research stage to planning, creating, and delivering your lead magnet, there is a tool out there to make your life easier.

Some of these tools are what we use here at Performance Marketer and Drop Ship Lifestyle, but every tool and software below will help you effectively create and promote your next lead magnet!

Tools to Research and Plan Your Lead Magnet's Topic

When you set out to create a lead magnet, it can be hard to pick one thing to cover. Remember, the key to an effective, high-converting lead magnet is one that is precise and  aims to solves one specific pain point of your target customer.

How do you find out what are your targeted customers biggest problems or headaches? Easy, use any of these three below tools to find topics and questions that can inspire your next lead magnet!


lead magnet ideas for buzzsumoBuzzsumo is an incredible site for marketers to see what content is out there and what is going viral. Use it to help you find content already targeting the problem your lead magnet will solve and to see what topics (and from who) are generating the most engagement and shares.

Google Keyword Planner

 google keywords planner lead magnet ideas

Google’s free Keyword Planner is a tool that will help you find popular keywords in your industry that could be beneficial for your next lead generation campaign.


 using quora for research

Quora is a great tool to find out what people are wondering about now. Also, you can use Quora to see what are the biggest concerns of your potential leads that aren’t being satisified. Ask yourself, “How can I create a lead magnet that will offer insight into this in a way no else can?”


typeform example

If you’re not sure what problems your readers are having, just ask them! All you need to do is put together a quick survey, and Typeform is the tool that can help you make one for free!

Send the survey or form to your email subscribers and social media followers. If you need more responses, post the survey where your ideal reader hangs out online.

Free Tools to Create and Design Your Lead Magnet


 free tools to create lead magnets

Canva is a fun, user-friendly online software that allows you to make everything from social media images to infographics and marketing collateral. This software has a premium upgrade, but there is plenty that you can do with the free plan. Think of Canva, as your free and easy replacement to buying and learning something as powerful as Adobe Creative Cloud.


apple keynote

If you’re a Mac-based user, you can use Keynote (PowerPoint on Windows) to quickly and easily create simple and clean presentations. Mac has made it easy to create memorable presentations and they’ve make it easy to collaborate in real-time with the whole team using iCloud, even on a PC!


prezi setup

Prezi is an online program that helps you create dynamic and engaging presentations. Designed for “people who aren’t designers” this program is incredibly easy to use. Plus, Prezi has a large library of presentations templates that you can customize to fit you and your lead magnet.

There is a free option for creating presentations with Prezi, but keep in mind those presentations will be publicly view able, searchable, and reusable. Upgrade to standard for $7 a month for more privacy control.


apple imove preview

iMovie for iOS and macs is an easy and free way to create and edit your videos. One cool feature is the ability to start editing on your iPad or iPhone and then quickly switch over to your mac to continue editing.  Just choose your clips, then add titles, music, and any effects you wish! With all of iMovie’s built-in features, you’ll be able to create a beautiful, engaging video in no time.


piktochart dashboard

Creating an infographic is easy when you have more than 600 templates and 4,000 icons to work with. Piktochart is a free software (upgrade to the $15 a month Lite plan for more advanced features at any time) that helps you create powerful visual lead magnets without the price tag of hiring a designer. Piktochart is best for creating infographics or presentations; they’ve made it easy to upload your data to create charts and graphs.


free tools create lead magnets

Smallpdf knows how frustrating and complex PDF software can be. That’s why they created Smallpdf with a heavy focus on the user experience and reduced “functionality to a minimum'” Their simple software is affordable (free to use twice an hour, or $6 for the paid plan) and boasts an impressive 16 different features, but they’re always adding more!

The Stocks

free stock images lead magnets

The Stocks is your one-stop shop for all of the internet’s free stock photos and images. This website is home to a highly curated collection of royalty-free stock photography and video footage that is beautiful, and highly usable across many niches and industries.


wistia versus youtube

If you’re using videos in your lead magnets, you need a platform, that isn’t your website, to host these videos. That, plus no ads to distract your viewers from your videos, is what makes Wistia so great for businesses! With the free plan there is a three video/200GB bandwidth limit, but it gets pricey after that ($100/month+) so you might not be able to justify that cost.


video vimeo

If hosting your lead magnet videos on Wistia is way out of your budget, consider Vimeo. Their pro version is just $17/monthly and removes ads and gives you 20GB of video uploading each week. Besides a subscription price that won’t hurt your wallet, Vimeo gives you options to control privacy and who views your videos.


gleam contest example

Some of your lead magnets might include a free gift or sample in exchange for that precious email address. Using Gleam you can collect contest entries by asking potential leads to take actions such as subscribe to your channel on YouTube, follow you on Facebook, or refer your social media post to friends. There is a free plan that includes basically all you will need, upgrading to Pro is just $39/monthly.

Free Conference Call

free conference calls

Like the name says, it’s a free tool that can help you in creating a lead magnet. This tool is great if you need a way to share tutorials, presentations, or interviews with an online audience. FreeConferenceCall.com allows for screen sharing and video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants!


free stock videos

Another great source of stock video footage is BottledVideo. All royalty-free and HD quality, their library of stock footage is one of the most extensive on the internet.


royalty free music on soundcloud

If you need royalty-free or stock music, check out this station on SoundCloud with over 700 different tracks. New songs are always being added so check out this group if you need some music for your lead magnet.


lead magnet tools

This free tool lets you easily record your slideshow presentation on-screen to combine with your voice recording. Free and easy, Screencast-O-Matic is a must for many marketers who offer presentations and webinars as lead magnets.

Best Tools to Create Landing Pages

Thrive Themes

thrive themes landing pages

Thrive Themes is one of our favorite WordPress tools at Performance Marketer. From building landing pages using Thrive Landing Pages to Thrive Leads making opt-in forms easy, it makes life so much easier. And at $19/monthly, buying a Thrive membership is a great, and small investment to make for your lead generation efforts.


clickfunnels dashboard

ClickFunnels can help you build every type of marketing funnel your business needs to scale. There are two different plans you can get depending on how many visitors you have and funnels you need, $97/month or $297/month. You get a 14-day trial, so it’s a good way to test out the “smart sales funnel” builder software.


optimizepress example

OptimizePress can help you create almost any kind of page for your website: landing pages, webinar registration pages, product launch funnels, membership portals, and so on.

This lead magnet tool allows you to build and edit your pages in real-time and can be fully-integrated with WordPress. There’s a small selection of templates in the OptimizePress library, just 30, but there are over 40 custom elements that really allow you to design your page how you want.


create a landing page with leadpages

Another tool to create a landing page, LeadPages makes it as easy as possible. Choose from hundreds of landing page templates (all are mobile-responsive as an added bonus) and adjust the elements to your liking. Each landing page template is designed to get more visitors to opt-in for your lead generator.

Tools for the Delivery of Your Lead Magnet


mailchip list segmentation

Mailchimp is one of the least-expensive tools (free or $9/monthly for all of the features) to start building your email list. You can also automate the delivery of your lead magnets and follow-up emails. It’s easy to learn but its features are limited.


infusionsoft review

At Performance Marketer, we use InfusionSoft CRM because of all the advanced features for lead scoring, automation, and most importantly, segmenting our email lists. There is a bit of a learning curve to InfusionSoft, but learning this powerful tool will pay off in the long run.


ontraport versus infusionsoft

Other Helpful Tools to Create a Lead Magnet


dropbox dashboardDropbox is a wonderful and free website to store your lead magnet files and easily share them with new leads and team members alike. Just simply add the Dropbox file link into your confirmation email/web page!


how to use upwork

Finally, if you’re not a writer, designer, or feel comfortable with technology, fear not! Head over to UpWork and find a freelancer who will be more than happy to create or writer your beautiful lead magnet. There’s freelancers for just about everything you could need and it’s easy to find one for your project. Simply post a job listing and wait for the offers to roll in.

Have you used any of these tools to build a lead magnet?  Did we forget your favorite? Either way, let us know in the comments!

If you still wondering what lead magnet will work for you, check out our extensive list of lead magnet examples to inspire your lead generation strategy in 2017! Click over here and get ready for a long read of solutions and tips for your lead generation strategy.


Caitlin is an Austin-based digital marketer and writer with a passion for content. She is the newest member of the Performance Marketer team and brings years of marketing experience, as well as the best recommendations for where to go for lunch.

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