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Welcome to Week #13 of Marketer Mondays!

The webinar funnel is used for Lead Value Optimization. We present our webinar funnel after our primary offer funnel has run its course with effectively converting a sale.

Today on Marketer Mondays I explain how we use the webinar to effectively maximize our lead value.

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Hey, What’s up everybody. Anton here from For the past couple of weeks, on this YouTube show, we have been talking about different funnels that we use in our businesses. I first started with the Break Even Funnel, if you haven’t seen that video yet I am going to link to it below, which shows how we get leads for free (we pay for them but we get the money back within 72 hours). From there, I made a video on the Primary Offer Funnel which is the funnel where most of the money is made. These are automated funnels that you can set up and let the leads go through to sell you primary offer. Makes sense, pretty self-explanatory, and I will link to that video once again below this. This video is the third funnel that we use in all our offers that we make: our Webinar Funnel. To be clear, we do not use any kind of automated of evergreen webinars and these are live when we do them. So, in this episode of Marketer Mondays I am going to show you: what our schedule looks like and when exactly these piece together/stack with the other funnels we use in our business. This is the topic for today’s episode of Marketer Monday.

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Alright, I have changed the angle a little bit, got the whiteboard and now we can start. First, we have leads come into our system and we try and get them to buy products from us (these can be: our liquidator products or our primary offer products) through things that are automated. These just happen again and again and again, set it up and forget it type of thing. Of course, we monitor the analytics, make sure everything is working, make sure the ads are working and make sure things are profitable but those are things that stay there and are evergreen. Our webinars are what we do when someone gets to the end of our Primary Offer Funnel and does not purchase.


The first thing I should note is, on webinars, we are still promoting our primary offers. You are probably wondering, if you already have a Primary Offer funnel, why are you going to promote those same products on webinars? Remember, we are not doing this because we want to waste time and get on a live Webinar every week, or every other week. We are doing it because webinars offer a different way to get the buyer to actually know you, trust you, and purchase your product. Remember in that evergreen Primary Offer Funnel: they are getting the emails, watching the videos but there is no interaction. On a webinar, all those people who didn’t buy through that first pass because maybe:

  • They had questions that they couldn’t get answered
  • They wanted that live interaction
  • If they were on thatwebinar and someone else asks a question, my answer would also serve them enough that they are ready to purchase the product as well.
  • I needed to change my messaging a bit from the message in my Primary OfferFunnel and now, they’re looking that the product through a new set of eyes because I am putting a little twist on the way it’s being offered.

Finally, one other thing that we do, in addition to everything I just mentioned, is include some kind of bonus. Typically, on webinars you will see people discount their products. You are getting a second chance at these people so you are giving them a better price, or maybe you are giving them a bonus, that makes the offer a little bit sweeter for them. Between the live interaction, where they can ask you questions, and the fact that you are including a bonus/discount you can really change the angle of how you are talking about your product as opposed to the primary offer funnel. A combination of all those things leads to more of your leads turning into customers, increasing your lead value. The whole point of Performance Marketer, my brand we put all this content out through, is to show you just this: how to increase the value of every lead. If you just stopped, after your leads come in and go through your liquidator and primary offer funnels, you would probably make a lot of money. You would make a lot of money; your business would probably be profitable and you would be good. However, if you want to get the top value out of every lead that comes in through your Break Even funnel: this is what’s going to capture a whole bunch more revenue by, once again, serving these people in a different way.


This is how we set up the webinar funnels in our business. What you are looking at right now is a three-week cycle and the reason I wanted to have this all here is so I can show you how we schedule in the different promotions because a webinar is a funnel, it’s a whole event. It’s not just like, “Hey, we having a webinar Friday, I hope we do good”. There is a whole strategy, mentality, and a whole system that goes behind these. Let’s say that we are going to do the webinar on this Wednesday. We traditionally, 95% of the time, do webinars on Wednesdays at 3pm CST. (Why do we do it then? We’ve tried a lot of times and that seems to work the best. Honestly, the time in the day isn’t going to make or break the webinar. If you think that is the problem, it’s not, it’s your offer. That’s when we do ours so if you want to do yours then too, it works for us but again: if your webinar is not working it’s probably not because of the time of the day, it’s probably because of the content in your webinar or the funnel behind it.) Let’s say our webinar was scheduled for this Wednesday at 3pm CST.


Here is what we do leading up to it – this Friday, the Friday before the webinar, we send out promo email 1. We don’t do anything crazy like auto register our email list or just tell them, “hey, you are registered for this webinar”. We actually send the email out to our list asking them to register on this Friday. We talk about some of things that are going to be shared and the fact that it is free. One thing we do, that I don’t think most people do, is we say that we are going to make them a special offer on our primary offer. Then they know that, if they register, they are going to learn about points a, b and c (whatever we are going to talk about) and we are going to make them a special offer. Also, they are going to want to get in on this thing live as we are going to do a Q&A session where you can ask me anything about this Webinar. On this Friday, not only do we send out this first email but we also start our Facebook advertising campaign where we are getting people to register for this webinar. Now, this is an email so for these days, Sat and Sun, we don’t do anything: we have our Facebook ads running where people can register and people open this email over this weekend and opt in.


The Monday before the Webinar we send promo email two. Promo email two is very similar to one: we are saying “hey, maybe you didn’t see our first email but we are doing this Webinar, we are talking about x, y and z and there is a special offer. You can ask me anything on whatever the topic is for the primary offer product.” That is their second chance at it and we send these Monday morning. Tuesday morning, same thing: promo email three. If you are wondering, that this seems like a lot of emails and it probably gets annoying: after every email if someone does register they get pulled out of this sequence so they don’t get any more emails. If they register they are out and if they don’t we send them the three reminders. Listen, if they don’t want the emails they can click unsubscribe. So, while it may seem like a lot of emails, what we are really doing here is giving them the chance to learn more about a topic they have already expressed interest in and get a discount on that product. We really don’t get any complaints – our spam score is ridiculously low every time so this is definitely the strategy I would recommend.


Here is what else goes into this funnel prior to the webinar. In this scenario, the webinar is on 3pm Wednesday. We will send out emails on Wednesday morning at 9am. There is a 9am promo email for people that haven’t registered yet giving them one more chance to register. The second is a 9am email to people that have already registered. That email that goes to the people already registered is to remind them of the webinar later in the day, get them excited and remind them to get online, not only for that special offer but also for the Q&A opportunity. We are really pushing people on Wednesday. Again, last chance to register and to remind them.


We do all our webinars through GoToWebinar – it’s expensive but well worth it. I think we pay out $500 a month. They do have smaller plans but if you want a huge webinar room that’s the price. They are the most sturdy and secure. They send out emails too: they send out a 2pm email to registrants giving them the link and reminding them it’s one hour till we’re live. That is basically everything we do leading up to the webinar. At that point the Webinar starts at 3pm, goes for 90 minutes (that’s how long we do ours), a tonne of content, special offer, Q&A session. If you want more information on what one of our webinars looks like comment below this video so that I can make a video in the future that’s more in depth about what this webinar looks like. Obviously, it’s a super important part of the process, the whole structure behind the webinar.


Here is what happens after the webinar: the promotional stuff. This is where the list and the funnel get segmented based on what happened. We have two different email campaigns and Facebook advertising campaigns that kick off after this webinar: one is for attended and one is for missed. Through GoToWebinar we have tracking set up so we know if someone signed up and attended or signed up and they missed. If they signed up and attended they are going to get an email one hour after on Wednesday which: thank them for coming, asks them if they got value and gives them an opportunity to purchase the primary offer including the bonus/discount that was offered on the Webinar. If the person missed, they also get an email one hour after the webinar which says: you registered for the Webinar but you didn’t show up, what happened? Try to get them to respond and say why they didn’t show. There is also a replay link to try and get them engaged, find out what we did wrong to make them not want to attend and it not seem worth it. We are always trying to learn. Even if people don’t attend we want to know why – we are asking and engaging them.


The promotion that we offer on the webinar will run from the webinar time on Wednesday and end Monday at 12am CST. We have email sequences that go out to follow up: email one on Thursday, email two goes Friday, email three Saturday, email four Sunday and then we do email five on Monday. As I’m sure you can guess, these emails all talk about different benefits of the offer, how it is going to benefit them no matter what the product it is and how it can serve them best. As it starts to get closer to the end, when the promotion expires, we are talking more about the urgency and the scarcity – why now is the time to take us up on it if they want the bonuses/discount that we offered them.


I could do a master class for 10 hours on each subject for this whole thing and the psychology behind it but I wanted to give you a high-level overview. We have been talking about funnels for a few weeks now and I know people are really interested in this stuff. In the office, we all love this – myself and the whole team. We have huge whiteboards out there and we will go through this stuff over and over: swapping out different emails, different timing, different messaging. If you want more information on funnels, the webinar funnel or on the webinar itself, you are going to have to ask me. That’s the only way I know what type of content we should put out. Comment below this video, let me know your thoughts, let me know if you got value from this and let me know what you want to know moving forward as we continue with our Marketer Mondays YouTube video series. If you got value, please do give it a like or a thumbs up. If you know anyone that wants to run webinars that hasn’t had success yet, that is looking for answers, definitely share this video: it’s free, it’s open, it’s on YouTube. Hope you got value, hope your friends get value, hope you give it a share if you liked it. I will see you next week for Marketer Monday.

Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Performance Marketer - a place where decades of real world marketing experience is shared. He began building business online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses.

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