The Primary Offer Funnel

The primary offer funnel is where the real money is made in information product businesses.

Today on Marketer Mondays I explain how we use an evergreen launch strategy to effectively maximize our lead value.

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Video Transcript:

Hey, What’s up everybody? Anton here, from In this episode of Marketer Monday I am going to talk to you about our favourite type of funnel here and that is the Primary Offer Funnel

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So, why do we love the Primary Offer Funnel? Very simple – this is where the money is made. The majority of the money in our information product businesses comes through this funnel; not just with us, with every information product out there. In the last video, I walked you through our Break-Even Funnel, which is the first type of funnel we use, and I will link to that below this video. Today I am going to talk about the second type of funnel that we use, which is the Primary Offer Funnel. In next week’s episode of Marketer Monday I am going to talk to you about our Webinar funnel, which is our third and main funnel type we use.


As always, let me get this whiteboard over here. Remember, at the end of last week’s Marketer Monday we talked about how you could get basically free leads: you do spend money for them but you get your money back in 48-72 hours, if you do it right. This funnel starts with those leads – you can’t run a primary offer funnel properly without leads. Those leads should have come through your email sequence where one of two things can happen: they can purchase your liquidator products (your liquidator products are typically below $97, usually around the $47 range for our business but some people go as low $7) or they do not purchase anything. Let’s add that to the board. Okay, so what do you do now? What happens after this decision is made? The decision is made in about 2-3 days and that is when they get advanced to this next section, to the Primary Offer Funnel.


For the sake of this demonstration, and for space, I am going to assume we are not segmenting the list. I am going to assume we are putting all these people through the same email sequence. Honestly, if you are first starting out, or you are not running a massive business yet this is definitely the way to do it. So, these sequences (in the Break Even Funnel) will run their course, the email sequence will go out and people might purchase, or they might not. Either way, you are going to funnel them back in to the next stage and the goal here is to sell that main product. If that is a membership site, you are probably looking somewhere between $500-£3500: those are the prices you typically see. The best way to sell these, whether it is to someone who already purchased a product from you or from someone who wasn’t ready to purchase yet, is by educating your leads. Show them that you know what you are talking about by letting them get to know, like and trust you; in my opinion, the best way to do that, is by video education.


Here is what we do: we email them two different training videos, these are not random but it is very, very systemised and structured. I am going to link below this video to one I did about, what I call, an Evergreen Launch. This is what I am going to briefly describe here – the Evergreen Launch is our Primary Offer Funnel.

Day 1 of the funnel: We send the lead a new email and they have: the email, a preview of a video they can watch and some text about that video. This video is a free training; we are not trying to sell this person anything, we are giving them value and showing them that we know what we are talking about.


We then follow up again a day later

Day 2 – another email in the same format: a training video that builds on this previous one with more information. That’s it – not trying to sell anything yet. Then we are going to wait a day for email 3.


Day 3 – here is when things start getting interesting. We have already shown value to this lead, whether they have bought from us or not, by delivering these free training videos. In this video, we are still delivering value and still giving them free training but we are also going to let them know that we have an offer becoming available soon. If they are interested in learning more about this, they can opt in. If we are giving them real value, they should be interested. So, down here we are going to have an option, even though they are already on our email list, we are going to ask them to opt in for early access to this product. No matter what our primary offer is. Okay? That’s all done in email 3.


If they opt in we can email them right away, tell them all about the offer and get them to sign up. If they don’t, they get email 4.

Day 4 – email 4 comes one day later and this is where we make the offer, this is where we ask for money. After three days of providing straight value, we have a video that talks about the product we are offering (our primary offer). It has the price, what’s included and an add to cart button, this is where they can purchase. It doesn’t end here you’ve emailed the lead and said this is my product, do you want to buy it now? Some will take it but a lot aren’t sold yet. You have to hit them with different messaging, show off different benefits of your primary offer, really convince them that it’s the right thing for them and answer their questions. This should all be directed around sales – that’s what you should ask for. We build a seven-day email sequence behind email 4 which: reminds them to go back and watch these videos, tells them what we offer, explains different benefits of our member ship sites and our online course. shows them the add to cart button and, most importantly, is stressing urgency and scarcity. There is a seven-day sequence behind this and that is how long we allow people to purchase through this funnel.


I have done a lot of videos that correlate to this which I will link below this video for your information. If you have any questions, please just ask me below this video – that is the best way for me to create new content and build on all these sections. For example, you might want to know about different email content or what these pages actually look like? I am more than happy to share value here – that is what is all about; that’s what this YouTube channel and Facebook page are all about. If you are not subscribed yet go to and click the subscribe button so you can get all these training videos. That is how you can ask me questions that I can use to create new content.

I hope you got a lot of value out of this one. Next week, I am going to talk about the Webinar Funnel which happens after day 7 of the email sequence. It is really another way that we get a lot of extra money out of every lead that comes into our business. So, with that being said, I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and that everyone makes a lot of money this Black Friday. Maybe using one of these Primary Offer Funnels? I am sure it will work out, we are using it in our businesses right now. I will see you next week for Marketer Monday – Thank you!

Anton Kraly

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