How To Use The Holiday Funnel to Effectively Maximize Lead Value

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The holidays are perfect times for sales and promotions! Many marketers, especially ourselves, love using the holidays to build some fun promotions. Besides being a way to have fun with your sales funnels and marketing copy, it’s the perfect way to convert those stubborn subscribers who still won’t buy.

Building a holiday sales funnel will maximize the value of our unengaged leads by presenting special offers. We trigger our holiday funnels after our final webinar funnel has run its course with effectively converting sales.

How We Execute a Sales Funnel Sequence

So here is a quick recap for anyone that hasn’t seen the previous articles where we detail Performance Marketer’s top performing funnels. If you want to see them all in detail, check out the links below as they go into more depth for each of these funnels.

For now, here’s a quick overview of our sales funnel sequence:

  1. It starts with a new lead: when a new person gives us their name and email address (usually in exchange for something like a lead magnet or freebie offer) and they come into our automation system.
  2. These new subscribers and potential customers then get put into our Break Even Funnel. This is the funnel that sells our liquidator products. For our businesses, they are typically between $47-$97and the goal is to get back the money we spent on advertising to acquire that new lead.
  3. Then, we put them through our Primary Offer Funnels. Here, we are selling them our core products. We are typically going for a sale on any of our primary offers.
  4. If these leads still have not purchased a product, we put them into our Webinar Funnel. Here we like to get them live onto a call, give them a demo of our primary offer product, discount the price, sometimes even a combination of those. This is so you have another approach to getting that sale and getting this lead to buy a product from you. This webinar funnel is for this offer, plus bonuses and sometimes a discount.

Now, you are probably wondering what happens here. What happens if a lead goes through all of these funnels, which is typically about 30 days or so worth automation? And if you’re keeping count, that’s a whole month this lead has been in your system.

What if they don’t buy? Do you just give up on them?

The answer is no. There are still people in your automation series, or in your email database, that will buy from you if you try again and/or try a little bit differently.

automated funnel sequence infographic

Build Value and Good Faith

Let’s be honest, maybe all your leads go through the funnel sequence above and don’t buy because they didn’t have the money at the time, your messaging was a little bit off, or they were busy during the webinar and didn’t watch the replay.

All of these reasons are an incredibly common occurrence across many industries. You definitely want to capitalize on this though. There’s two different ways to do so:

One is through straight up content- pure content. We used to think our non-converting leads are never going to buy and we’d just send them offers every once in a while. But eventually, we started creating blog posts, creating videos and emailing them to these people who haven’t purchased yet.

Of course, we email our content to the people that have purchased, but the purpose here is to build more good value and good faith with any non-converting leads.

You don’t disappear only because your potential customers didn’t buy on the first try. And you shouldn’t just delete their email from your database. Keep delivering them value and then, when they are ready, they will buy.

How can you mix content with your sales message again? Remember, by this point they know what you have and what is for sale. If you just start sending them content you might be thinking – what’s the point, it doesn’t mean they are going to buy it means they like us? Yeah, you can still mix in marketing messaging. Here is how I recommend doing it: The Holiday Funnel.

Content and Holiday Promotions

Once you get to the holiday sales funnel after sending leads content regularly, switch up your messaging to match your festive offer. This is a perfect time to just straight-up make an offer.

Let’s say that your primary offer is $997. If your leads have been through all of these funnels, you don’t want to email them two weeks later and say, “Hey, here’s a special offer it’s $800.”

What’s the point? They already know what you have!

But if you can mix it up around the holidays and turn it into a promotion that is based around Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any of the hundreds of holidays that exist you always have a good excuse to put together a holiday promotion.

This is the reason why if you check your inbox around any holiday you are going to get flooded with different offers and promotions.

I do recommend trying to get a little bit creative with it, even if you don’t have to. It’s just a good excuse to say, “Hey, here’s our Fourth of July Sale! And I’m taking $200 off this product you’ve been wanting for so long.”

The Holiday Sales Funnel

When you’re in need of moving some potential customers into the holiday funnel, start planning early and be creative. As far as what this looks like, I would recommend making it something these leads haven’t seen before.

And deliver it via an email sequence. We typically do about 4 to 5 emails based on the series. Every holiday is different so it’s hard to say but test what works with your business!

holiday sales funnel

One example of a holiday funnel we had great success running last season, was a 12 Days of Christmas Sale. We have been in business a while and we have lots of different products (we have over 12 different products), so we’re going to do a promotion for a product every day leading up till Christmas.

That’s what I mean with being creative. The holiday sales funnel is a great opportunity to engage your unengaged leads, while maximizing your LVO (lead value optimization).

Whether you are selling physical, digital, or software products it doesn’t matter; you need to maximize your lead value if you are paying for traffic which, you know by this point, I highly recommend. I love paid traffic and this is a great system to put into place.

unique holiday sale promotions

It’s not hard to find a holiday that can fit your brand and audience. May Designs, a notebook company, cleverly ran a sale on their pineapple products on, of all holidays: National Pineapple Day!

Clever and Unique Year-Round Holiday Marketing Tips

There will always be a holiday right around the corner. If you’re creative enough you’ll be able to find holidays that fit your brand and business. (Like May Design’s National Pineapple Day 50% off sale example above!)

Here’s a list of year-round ideas and tips to brainstorm your next holiday promotion:

  1. Host a holiday season kick-off sale and beat out the noise of your competitors.
  2. Use the power of scarcity and urgency to push sales with time-sensitive options.
  3. Don’t hold back your festive spirit, be flashy and be cheesy if you have the right audience.
  4. Repetition sells, so market your holiday funnel will a hefty email sequence.
  5. A ‘smart‘ price cuts can work just as well as a huge price cut.
  6. Free shipping is an effective, and easy way to make your offers look even better.
ecommerce april fools

Happy April Fool’s! Clearly, you can have a ton of fun with the endless possibilities of holiday offers!

Building Your Holiday Sales Funnel

With your holiday sales funnel you’ll want to email the people who have been through all the other funnels and they know you and your product, they just haven’t yet pulled the trigger. So running a holiday promotion and setting up a holiday sales funnel is a creative way that taps into the power of scarcity to convert your leads into sales.

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