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Hey everyone. Anton Kraly here, Founder and CEO of and in this episode of Marketer Monday I’m going to share with you what the best Facebook ad is. So welcome to another episode of Marketer Monday. Okay so if you’ve been following myself or my companies for a while now then it’s probably no secret that we spend the majority of our budget on Facebook advertisements. Now, this is not referring to our ecommerce side of things. When we sell physical products we focus on Google Product Listing ads simply because they convert better but when we’re talking about the information product businesses we focus on Facebook ads. This is amazing right now. As I’m sure you know, Facebook tracks almost every single thing that people say and do and comment on and like and share and buy and they even go as far as pulling people’s credit reports so, yes, if you’re advertising in the United States, Facebook actually even know how much your audience makes. So you can target people based on their income.



It’s crazy, it’s super targeted. That’s why Facebook is so great for our information product businesses. But listen, you probably already know that. The purpose of this video is to explain to you which type of ad you should run on Facebook and the reason it says “95%” right here is because I want to talk about where we spend 90-95% of our advertising budget when it comes to Facebook ads. And yes, we spend a lot of money. This is something that scales at almost every level based on what you want to spend but even with that, we contribute the majority of our spending to the same type of ad every month and again this is how the system works.



Now, when you think of Facebook, people aren’t there scrolling through their News Feeds looking for things to buy or looking for things to give you their email address for, right? They’re just wasting time. If you’re out and about and you see people on their cell phones just look at it and they’re probably either playing Pokemon Go or scrolling through Facebook. So first of all, think of what you should show them. These are most likely people who do not know who you are yet. Again, you’re trying to build your audience, right? So what do you show them? Well, it should be something that’s as simple as possible, that’s straight to the point. You want to want to give them easy, quick wins. So things like downloadable guides or cheat sheets […] do when people click on these ads is send them to a page on our websites that we call Lead Generator pages. These are also referred to as lead magnets but basically they’re your typical squeeze pages where someone gets to it and it says, “Hi! Do you want to download our top five tips for…” let’s just say, “…ecommerce? If yes, enter your name and your email and click “Download Now””.




The person does that. We get their name and email; they get what they requested. Now, the reason these work so well on Facebook because once again, people aren’t looking to […] there is because again, we’re trying to get cold people into our world. And I’m sure you just heard me mention, we do this so we can collect names and email addresses because now this person, who we just kind of interrupted in the middle of their day by offering them something, now we have their contact information which means we can follow them around online whether it be through our other 5% of Facebook ads, which is re-targeting, but also more importantly through email, where we can send them emails introducing them to our company, to our brand, to our sales and to our products. So on Facebook, with […] things away. It’s 5% for re-targeting and that’s where the sales are made.



So if you’re just starting out with Facebook ads, you’re trying to figure out how to distribute your budget, that’s definitely what I would say to do. We’ve been doing this for a while now and I think we’ve figured out a system that works at least in our business, so go ahead. Try it out yourself and of course if you have any questions, comments, feedback, just let me know below this video and if you thought it was valuable, you got some good information out of it just go ahead and give it a like or thumbs up based on where you’re watching it and go ahead and share it and tag people if you think someone else wouldn’t mind getting some value too because this is basically what we do here, all day at Performance Marketer. We work on our funnels, we work on traffic and we try to figure out how to best allocate our budget on Facebook. This is what works for us. Again, I hope it works for you too. Reach out with any questions because we do this every week. And yeah, if you have a question I’d be more than happy to answer it in a future Marketer Monday. So thank you and I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye.

Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Performance Marketer - a place where decades of real world marketing experience is shared. He began building business online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses.


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