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I’m not here to tell you email marketing is dead and that you shouldn’t focus on it, it’s still by far our highest revenue producer in the biggest way that we can use to optimize the value of our leads. With that being said, there’s always new and innovative ways to really stay in contact with your leads. You get the most value from every lead that comes into one of your funnels. In this video, I’m going to share two different ways that we’re using right now to once again maximize the value of all of those leads.

SMS Marketing & Lead Value Optimization

I’m not sure if you can read this clearly, but I’ll read this to you. It’s a few stats about SMS marketing that really got me thinking that we’re definitely moving in the right direction with this. One of them is that 91% of all adults have their mobile phone within an arm’s reach every hour of every day. 91% of adults have their phone within an arm’s reach.

If you’re watching this, you probably do too. Obviously the majority of people do. That’s a great reason to send messages directly to people’s phones. You might be thinking, we do that with email. Everyone has email on their phone. This other stat that shows us that we’re moving in the right direction here is that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered. If you think about it, of course. Your phone, if you get a text it makes a ding. You look at it, you read a text message right away. That is why SMS marketing is working so well right now.

One of the reasons why people are somewhat afraid to do it, and rightfully so, is because it’s very heavily regulated, and it’s something you can get in a lot of trouble if you just use it to spam people. That’s not what I’m saying to do. There are ways to use SMS marketing ethically, and to do it in a way your leads will actually appreciate. So, I’ll tell you how we’ve been using it most effectively. That’s with webinar reminders. So, we do webinars every couple of weeks over here. Before we do them we’ll tell people, if you want us to text you a reminder before we start, enter your phone number here.

When they do that, we actually take that lead in InfusionSoft, and we put that information into an app. It’s called Fix Your Funnel. I don’t know why that’s what it’s called. It doesn’t really make sense, with what it does. We put it in there, and when that happens, we are now about to send broadcast text messages to these people. Again, to people that said yes. Please text me a reminder. They give us their information, and boom. One hour before the webinar begins, we send out a broadcast SMS. It says hey, just a reminder. Check your email. We just emailed you the join link. We’re starting in one hour.

It really does increase attendance rates for the webinars, it gives us a unique way to connect with our prospects and our leads, and it’s something that’s so simple. It’s something that not a lot of people are doing, which of course always benefits us. It’ll benefit you if you’re doing it as well, because even if however many people that watch this video start doing it, it’s still going to be a small fraction of all the people out there that are online marketing, so definitely implement that.

You want to use SMS messages for reminders, and again, it’s because people look at it right way. It will increase your attendance, which will increase your conversations, which will increase your bank balance. We want to do this stuff. One more quick tip that we do for this, not with SMS, but something that is again, a way to engage our leads that not many people are doing. It’s through push notifications. I started seeing it probably about a year ago.

We’ve been using them for probably about a year as well. We use a company called Push Crew, at Basically, let’s just say you’re using Google Chrome. If you’re on one of our websites, what this will do is say, will you allow this company to send you push notifications and keep you updated on news and resources surrounding whatever topic our site is about? If you click okay, we can push out a notification that will go ahead and have a little box come up on Google Chrome no matter what website you’re on.

Same thing in Safari, it works on Mobile. It’s a really cool way for us to have another unique point of contact I would say, without subscribers. Segmentation is huge here, so you can use this any way you want. We have general lists, with people that we just push all notifications to. For example, new blog posts, different promotions, really just anything we want to announce. Let’s just stick with the webinar theme here. You can also use this on your webinar thank you pages. You can have them opt in for a push notification as a reminder, so now you have that segment of your push list, and you can send them reminders when the webinar is going to start. You can send them reminders about promotions from the webinar.

So, those are some really cool ways to use SMS marketing and push notifications. Again, the majority of marketers aren’t doing this, which means it’s an opportunity for you. It’s an opportunity for us. It’s something you should start capitalizing on now, because it’ll only lead to basically higher sales, higher conversion, higher attendance. Everything you want to have, basically. Hope you guys got value out of this. If you did, as always please do like it or share it with someone that would benefit as well. Definitely make sure you subscribe to our channel. It’s That way you can get all of our weekly updates. You can see all of our interviews, and get more tips just like this. So thanks guys, and I’ll see you next week for Marketer Monday.

Increase Lead Value Optimization with SMS Marketing

Email marketing is still the #1 asset you should be building, but you should also start tying in SMS into your campaigns.

Today on Marketer Monday I talk about why SMS marketing is so important.

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