How To Retarget & Convert Visitors Using Facebook

Retargeting is the name of the game in the today’s online marketing world.

Most consumers are not ready to buy at first glance. Just like shoppers will walk around a brick-and-mortar store while deciding if they want to buy a particular item, most online consumers need some time to mull over their purchase decision.

In fact, 97-99% of website visitors are not ready to purchase when they first come to visit your site.

Yes, that means only 1-3% of visitors convert on their first visit (if you’re lucky)!

Don’t let that number discourage you: building a retargeting funnel for Facebook ads can establish trust while putting the value of your product or services front-and-center.

Getting your site’s ‘window shoppers’ into this kind of retargeting funnel will put you on the path to more conversions. You will maximize your ad spend revenue by turning a broad audience into a captive audience.

With Facebook ads, retargeting your visitors is a breeze. There are many tools within the Ads Manager that allow you to fine tune your marketing campaign. These Ad Manager tools will help you get the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

Retargeting funnels are not just a one-time paid traffic conversion tool. They can be used over and over again to turn your leads into your online community.

Your first funnel may convert a browser into a buyer, but retargeting can turn that buyer into a loyal customer and then turn that loyal customer into a brand ambassador.

Using a retargeting funnel to to captivate an interested audience on Facebook takes skill and relevance. Don’t ever forget: users aren’t on that platform to look at ads.

Luckily, you can easily create a custom audience to retarget on Facebook which gives you a better chance of converting more visitors.

However, your visitors should always be pixeled, but especially at the awareness stage as people are just discovering your brand. Tracking pixels for Facebook will have you sending ads to your audience of potential leads.

Use these ads to build trust and offer value to this audience. Let them know what makes you so special!

Check Out Our Infographic Guide To Ads That Retarget & Convert:


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