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Want to build a business that lasts for years? It doesn’t matter if you have the best product, the best marketing, or the best sales people… if you want to creating a business that grows beyond the launch, it’s all about how you treat your customers.

In this weeks episode of Marketer Monday you will learn how to play the long game and create a business that will grow itself!

Marketer Mondays is a weekly video show that covers a wide range of digital marketing concepts.

I share my personal experience from over 10 years of building multiple successful businesses.

Video Transcription

Hey, what’s up guys, Anton here and in this episode of Marketer Monday, I wanted to talk to you about something a little bit different. Not necessarily like a marketing technique but something that’s super important for you to keep in mind as you ‘re building and growing your business if you really want to grow past, you know, your initial launch phase. And just like the title says that thing is playing the long game. And what I mean by that is thinking again about the long term future of your business and what it takes to actually have something that’s sustainable, not just now, not just for the next three, six, twelve months, but the years to come, right?


And that really comes down to how you treat your customers and this is important. And don’t just, you know end this video now because you think, “Yeah, of course, I treat my customers right.” But I really want to get this point across and let me just explain to you kind of the best way I can. A lot of people, when they’re first trying to, you know, ramp things up, they think, “Well, if I just had, you know, a great sales person.” or “If I just had a great customer service person.” Or “If I had a person that was great at running Facebook ads for me, you know, I could make the best product.”


And this can apply whether you sell physical products, software, information products, it doesn’t matter. But most people just assume that if they’re in a room full of amazing people that work for them or work with them, that they’re going to find success, right, that that’s all it takes. And this is the thing, and this is super important. You could have the smartest marketers in the room, you could have the best sales people in the room, you could have made the best product, but if you don’t think long-term about how those people are treated, none of it matters.


What you’re going to find, if that’s the case, is a huge spike in sales, your business is going to go up, up, up, up, up and then after a while, the customers, your current people, they’re not going to be sending you referrals. They’re not going to be happy with your product. In fact, some of them might tell people, “You know, hey, I bought it and didn’t have the best experience.” And what you really have to understand is the way, like, a buyer mentality works. And when people buy something, right, they are so much more likely, and this has been proven, you know, through numerous studies in the ecommerce space, but when people buy something, they’re so much more likely to leave a negative review than they are to leave a positive review.


If they had a negative experience, they’re going to tell everyone. If they had a good experience, you know, good luck getting them to talk about it, right? That’s just not how people’s minds work. They usually just forget about it because everyone assumes that they should have a great experience. And they’re not wrong, right? But it’s important to point that out because that’s the way human psychology and buyer behavior works.


So with that being said, guys, know that your product is everything and your delivery you’re your follow-up and the way that you support the people that actually give you money, the way you treat them. That’s everything when it comes to the life of your business. You could have, you know, the best marketing team behind you, the best sales people behind you, or you could have crappy sales people and crappy, you know, a crappy product and bad customers service but the thing is about how you actually treat those people once they give you money because that’s going to really determine the long game; that’s going to determine where you are in twelve months, twenty-four months, thirty-six months; that’s what’s going to build your business for the future; that’s what’s going to set you up for success year after year after year and really leave you with something that’s, you know, sustainable, that’s a real asset, not just a get-rich-quick scheme.


So hope that was helpful guys. Just really pay attention to it. Focus on over-delivering to everyone that has buys. When your customers have questions, give them answers. When you have other things that you can send them, that benefit them, that just enhance their buying experience, let them be known. Because once again, they’re always, from the starting point, they’re expecting greatness and they’re not expecting to tell people how great you are, right? Even when you deliver what they have in their mind. So you have to go above and beyond. This isn’t just about, you know, not getting negative reviews. This is about giving the masses of your customers, the best possible experience so that they will recommend you, so that they’ll only have good things to say about you. And so that when people ask them about your company or when they see a Facebook post or they see a Youtube video or they get an email, they’re excited because they know who you are and they respect what you’re doing and they want to be a part of the messaging and of the story, okay?


So hope guys you all have a great week. I’m about to head out of the home office and go into the office-office, so if everyone, you know, if you got value out of this video please do give it a like or thumbs up – definitely helps this channel. And I would also love to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment below with what it is that you’re doing to kind of go above and beyond and play the long game in your business. So if you’re on Youtube, type it there. If you’re on Facebook, do the same. And if you really want to go to the best place to get this video to get notes and to see everything it is we have to offer, be sure to go to and I’ll see you there. Thank you.


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