The Paid Advertising Checklist to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Before you delve into throwing out dough at the paid advertising platforms, you need to ask yourself some questions.

In order to get paid advertising right the first time and not waste tons of money, you’ve got to mull over the following core questions:

1. An effective targeted website traffic strategy starts first by asking, “Who is my target audience?”

If you’re selling arch-support heels for old ladies with calluses, you’re probably not going to want to target Men aged 18-24.

Brainstorm and figure out who actually WANTS or NEEDS your product… and then write it all down. I encourage you to make your very own Avatar. No, not the blue kind from Pandora.

I encourage you to make a Customer Avatar of your ideal customer.

What’s his/her age? What do they do in their free time? How much money do they make? What is their job?

You should even give him/her a name. This is your ideal audience, and this is who you should target.

Here’s an example of a Customer Avatar:

Jacob customer avatar
Name: Jacob
Age: 34
Relationship Status: Married
Household: 2 Children
Location: Lives in middle America
Education: Attended a state school and has a BA in Sociology
Employment: Currently employed an IT position
Household Income: $130K
Additional Info:
Held current job for 7 years
Has had 3 jobs in his professional career
Interested in all things tech related, playing golf with friends, travel, and providing for his family.

Favorite Brands: Apple, Under Armour, Nike, Chipotle.
Religious Views: Catholic, non practicing
Favorite Websites: Facebook, Reddit, Cnet
Source For Breaking News: Twitter
Source For Industry or Business News:,

Uses Twitter: Yes
Uses Facebook: Yes
LinkedIn: Yes

Personal Goals: To become a better golfer, to find purpose in work.
Business Goals: To build a secondary source of income that doesn’t require him to quit his job.
Family Goals: To be able to spend more time at home, to be able to take his family on vacations, to be able to provide without worrying about where the next paycheck will come from.

Three Pain Points That Jacob Is Having That Would Make Him An Ideal Customer For My Business:

He’s unsatisfied in his current position at work and does not find it rewarding, but he has a family now and doesn’t want to risk change.
He’s been looking into business opportunities, but everything he is finding seems to be over his head. He is dreaming about it but all of the things he is seeing seem to take lots of money, and lots time. Time that would require leaving his job.
He wants to make more money, but his job is not offering any raises or promotions in the near future. My Business could allow him to give himself a raise.

What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen If Jacob’s Problems Aren’t Solved?

He could eventually lose his job, have to live off savings, and try to find something comparable, or even worse, something that makes him feel even less satisfied.
This would make Jacob feel like he was in an even bigger hole than before, and would push his dreams of being his own boss even further out the realm of what he sees as possible.
His friends would likely end up feeling bad for him, and they would talk about how he’s getting desperate.
His lifestyle would change, because he would be cautious to spend as his savings account dwindled down. Less meals out, less vacations, less of everything related to money.
This would make Jacob feel terrible, and would lower his self-esteem and self-worth. It would likely make it even harder for him to find another good job, and it would make it almost impossible for him to find the confidence in himself to start a real business.

What Is Jacob Secretly Afraid Of?

Growing old while and letting life pass by while working hard, only to end up in a position where he still doesn’t have the resources to put his children through school, or get his wife the car that she wants.

What Does His Perfect Solution Look Like?

Being able to supplement his income to the point where he was making an extra $1 – $3k/ month without having to quit his job.

What Is It That He Really Wants, More Than Anything Else?

To be able to provide for his family without being stressed out all the time.

What Would He Be Willing To Pay Almost Anything For?

A mentor that could show them how starting their own business could be a reality without a large investment, or without leaving their job. Someone that can walk them through the process, as simply as possible, of creating something of value that can provide them with not only the extra income, but also the empowerment of knowing that they’re now a small business owner, not just a dreamer.

How Can Our Product Match Up To Jacobs Real Needs And Desires? How Can We Help Solve His Problems? What Is It That We Are Trying To Provide To Our Customers?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is exactly what Jacob needs, he just doesn’t know it yet. We can show him how to start a real business, in his spare time, without having to take out a second mortgage on his home to get started.
Through our online coaching program, we can introduce Jacob to the world of eCommerce, and show him that starting a business that has the potential to scale very large, isn’t all that hard.
Instead of reading countless articles on about other peoples success stories, he can now spend his free time building his own business. He can also connect with hundreds of others who on the same journey as him on our private forum.
We can help Jacob get his first sales, and build a new stream of income. Should Jacob decide he wants to leave his job (he probably won’t), we can also help him grow his business even bigger if he follows along with our importing and private labeling teachings.
The main thing that we can do for Jacob is actually help him increase his confidence in himself. Sure, he will still do sales during the day, but he will be getting order notifications on his cell phone. Not only will he feel better about his finances, but he will also feel better about himself.

2. The next question you should ask yourself before buying traffic, “Where does my target audience hangout?”

customer avatar questions


Are they Facebookers, Redditors, Tweeters, Youtubers? Just about every social online hangout space has the ability to advertise.

Or maybe they are some serious folk and never hit up Social Media. Instead they browse news outlet websites or check what disease they just obtained with WebMD, so you then can retarget and target these folk with platforms such as Google Ads. Or perhaps your ideal audience is stuck in the early 2000’s with their Yahoo! Browser… well guess what? You can advertise with the Yahoo! Ad Platform called Yahoo Gemini!

You definitely should be thinking about where your audience actually IS on the internet, and then digging further to see how you can speak to them in the places they ALREADY visit. (Don’t worry we will cover more on each Ad Platform, and how to use each!)

3. The final question we’ll cover here is, “How do I speak to my target audience?”

When you are asking your target audience for their email address in exchange for a Free Download or other Lead Generator, you need to be able to adequately speak to this person.
You need to be able to persuade them to give you their email address through text alone.

There a few ways in which we prefer to do this.

  • Tell your audience what they are going to get/gain out of giving you their email address.
  • Use emotions, tell your audience how this Lead Generator will inspire them, or make them better at their life or job, etc.
  • How will this download make your target audience’s life easier? Or how it make their life more efficient?
  • Finally, show your target audience proof. What have others accomplished by using this Lead Generator? What have others said about your program or business?

paid advertising marketing quote

Remember, the best way to talk to your target audience is to talk to them like a friend. Don’t make your copy too “salesy” or “pushy”. Put yourself into the customer’s shoes. Ask yourself these questions and consider, “Would this persuade me to use the product?”

Brainstorm these three core questions, and when you’re ready, complete your own customer avatar & paid traffic checklist.

If you’re honest with yourself you should be able to niche down on your target audience, and STOP spending money on reaching people who won’t convert into leads and buyers.

Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Performance Marketer - a place where decades of real world marketing experience is shared. He began building business online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses.

  • Mark Shafrath says:

    Hello Anton,
    I truly believe you and your instruction on drop shipping. You initially offered your product at $2000. I day or so later it was reduced to $1500. I feel that your training for that cost is exceptional. I went thru your 10 Lessons and knew it was authentic. How did I know? I could compare with a system I bought into 4 months ago for almost 4 times the cost. I felt at the time I came across a good deal. I am not a techie but I do have a website with great products, but absolutely NO TRAFFIC. If i would have only come across you earlier. Thank you

    • Anton Kraly says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad to hear that you have received so much value from our training material. I’m also sorry to hear that you overpaid for someone else’s. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who prey on beginners and overcharge them for information while promising them the world but never delivering.

      Regarding Drop Ship Lifestyle, we do have one version offered at $1,500 and another offered at $2,000 which is why you may have seen it at different prices. We’re closed to new enrollment now, but you can keep up with all of our free information (and find out when we’re opening again) by going here:

      Best of luck with your store!

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