Making 2017 The Best Year In Business & Health

Our Marketing Mastery series by Performance Marketer is here to provide you with actionable insight from successful marketers. In this week’s release, we talked with Brian Johnson who is the Co-Founder from Think Great Lose Weight. He shared his complete Facebook marketing sales funnel as well as health tips. From this session you’ll learn:

– His complete Facebook marketing sales funnel
– How he helps people as a lifestyle coach
– What type of video content is key to growing his audience
– How he works with clients 1 on 1 to give them ongoing value
– The importance of focusing on the basics to be successful

Link from this session:

Think Great Lose Weight Site 
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Adam Simon

Adam is the Community Manager at Performance Marketer. Prior to working with the Performance Marketer Team, he worked in sales, tech support, business analyst, web development and communications strategist roles in Fortune 50 Organizations. He is currently focused on serving customers by exploring ways to make Performance Marketer the best to getting marketing information and tools possible while driving the user experience.

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