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We just wrapped up an amazing weekend here in Austin for the Internet Marketer Expo! In this video I do a quick recap of who spoke, and what was covered.

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Hey, what’s up guys. Anton here from Performance Marketer and welcome to another episode of Marketer Monday. Now, this episode is coming to you the Monday after we just wrapped up with IMX, the Internet Marketer Expo. And as you might know that’s our big event that we did out here in Austin. It was awesome. We had a lot of really good speakers, like literally, people sharing mind-blowing stuff. It was a lot higher level than I even expected and that lead to some really big take-aways. So, what I want to do for this video and in this episode of Marketer Monday is just go through some of the speakers that we had there and then share kind of like what I learned from them and what we’re going to try to implement in our business. And first off if you were out here, I just want to thank you for coming. Like, I do appreciate everyone taking the chance on this event. It was our first Performance Marketer event so really cool if everyone who showed up and had fun.


But, I’m just going to go through the list, guys, and I’m going to start at the top. So, the first speaker that I want to call attention to is Josh and Josh came on behalf of Privy. And what’s funny is I asked everyone in the room, like “Who already uses Privy?” and almost everyone put their hands up. Now, Privy is an email collection software. That’s how I would define it. They integrate with all the great guys like InfusionSoft like Clavo, like everyone, you know? But what’s cool about it is he basically shared how people are using it most effectively. So what use cases are people getting the best results from when using Privy. And number one, as maybe you know if you already use their tool, is when people are going to exit the page, you can do exit intent and give them a pop-up with a coupon code, which of course, they have to enter their email to redeem. So Privy, the number one thing that they know from over 100,000 stores using it, is that if you use the exit intent overlay feature with the coupon code, that is what’s getting the best results. So go ahead, do that if you haven’t already.


Next, guys, we had Ben Hebert, from Natural Stacks. He’s a buddy of mine. We met out in Vietnam a couple years ago. He lives out here in Austin as well. He’s built Natural Stacks into a massive company. They do supplements, all natural, no like hidden chemicals or anything tricky. It’s just straight forward. What you see is what you get. And in his talk, he spoke about how they use influencers. He gave the numbers that they use to get a deal with Dave Aspry, the Bulletproof Executive. He gave the numbers for how they got a deal with Martin Jacobson who won the world series of poker. They sponsored him for that. So really cool look into behind basically how you can grow a business through using influencers. So if you want to see that, by the way, we have all of these talks uploaded in the Performance Marketer vault. So if you already have an account just log in and you can watch all these presentations, get all the slides, go through everything. If you don’t have access yet, just go to and you can log in there and check it out.


But, guys, after that, we had Michael Ericson from Search Scientists. Everyone knows Michael if you’re part of Drop Ship Lifestyle. But he spoke on something a little bit different. He spoke on Amazon PPC and basically what you could do to get better results than almost anyone in your competition. More specifically, he spoke about Ad Badger, which is a new company he started. It’s a software that helps Amazon sellers optimize their products and they’re really, they’re product listing ads within Amazon to automate the bids, to make sure you’re not overpaying, making sure you’re getting a good ROI. Really amazing talk from Michael.


Then we had Dimitri from Just Reach Out. Such a cool talk. With the online world that we all live in, it’s very easy for people to not be really connected. Like, you feel like you’re connected because you follow someone on Twitter or you like their Facebook page but you don’t have that real two-way connection. So what Dimitri, again, from Just Reach Out, shared was how you can really use the internet to make personal connections with people of influence. He’s done this with Tim Ferris, he’s done this with Gary V., he’s done this with Ashton Kutcher, like literally tons of people. Really cool. And he shared exactly how he does that. Again, log into The Vault to watch Dimitri’s talk.


We also had Sujan Patel of Web Profits. They’re a company based here in Austin. They are an agency but Sujan also builds up software and he does it all through growth marketing through content. They produce amazing content. They get it distributed, again, using influencers. That was the huge theme of this talk, not just his talk but this weekend. All these people using influencers to grow their businesses and he like broke it down step by step how they do it. Again, check in the Vault. You will get that presentation.


We also had, guys, so many more people. I’m not going to go through all of them. Give you a few highlights from me personally. We had Darrell Eves from If you’ve seen the squatty potty commercial on Youtube with the unicorn that poops rainbows, he was the executive producer on that. If you’ve seen, I don’t even know the name of it, the commercial where the guy just keeps getting hit with the volleyball and basically being a shield with his face, that hundreds of millions of views. He’s responsible for that. His companies are just doing huge things. He helps them all with video marketing and he broke down the scientific formula that they use for direct response video marketing. So, stuff we’re definitely going to implement and you’re going to start seeing a lot of different types of videos coming out from Performance Marketer, from Drop Ship Lifestyle and from all my other businesses.


A few other highlights, guys, we had a bunch of people from the digital marketing team come in. If you don’t follow, check them out because they put out amazing content. And they definitely deliver the same in person. We had Christine Hoss who does their video marketing, again, breaking down how you can actually make better videos and the example she gave, I’ll link to it below. But she basically was sharing how you should pitch your company, not as a hero but as a guide. So you’re guiding people to solutions but the face of the company shouldn’t be there as like, “Oh, I’m here. I’m the best. Here’s how I’m going to help you.” But turn your videos into your customer’s stories. Real useful information again. I’m going to combine what she taught us with what Darral taught us and I think our videos are going to really, they’re going to go up a few levels to say the least.


Next, from […] we had Suzi Nelson and she is their Community Manager. And wow, I had no idea how much that a Community Manager can do but she listed out everything she does in her job to make sure that digital marketer has the best Facebook community in the world and she is absolutely just crushing it. All these techniques she has and she uses, we’re implementing all of them in our business. She gave some amazing tips. A quick one, if you manage a community, use a software called Grytics and I’ll link to that below as well. But that basically just pulls in all the information from your Facebook group so you can see who the top posters are, you can see how quick questions are being answered, you can see which didn’t get answered. Really awesome tool. Again, it’s called Grytics and I’ll link to it below.


We also had Lyndsay Marder  from Digital Marketer. She came in. She taught us all about content marketing and how they actually, Digital Marketer, how they actually produced less content this year than last year and got better results. A few different techniques, the main one that stood out to me is instead of writing all new blog posts, they’re going back to their old ones, they’re refreshing them, they’re updating them, they’re making them better and Google is rewarding them big time. Her talk again is in the Vault. A few other honorable mentions, we had InfusionSoft Darin Adams from there and if you guys don’t know, we send out like 3 million emails a month and they all come from InfusionSoft. I love that company and Darin gave us some really examples of how to use automation marketing in your business, whether that be, Ecommerce, SAS, info, coaching; doesn’t matter. Automation solves a lot of problems and that’s what he spoke on. We also had Davin Michaels there and he’s from 123employee. They have a huge, huge, huge outsourcing company in the Philippines. Over four hundred employees. They help people with things like email marketing, Facebook, just customer service and he shared a lot of information on how you can use outsourcing to grow your business.


So, all in all, guys, I’m probably missing a few because we had so many amazing talks but I just wanted to give you guys some heads up of what took place, how amazing it was, where you could find the videos. Again, and I really just want to say thank you again to all the amazing speakers that came out, made this event what it was, and thank you to all the attendees who came and asked the best questions. So much of this event was just amazing questions with even better answers back. So, thank you all. Happy you were here. Our next event is in Costa Rica. It’s going to be October, second or third weekend. That’s the Dropship Lifestyle retreat. So if you’re not a part of that community yet, check it out. Hope to see you in Costa Rica and again, thank you to everyone who came to IMX. I had a great weekend. I hope you did too and I will see you guys next week for another episode of Marketer Monday. Thank you.

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