7 Tips to Fix Your Broken Blog Posts and Increase Website Traffic

If you want to attract a ton of organic website traffic, then you need an amazing blog!

Blogs have been around for a couple decades now and are still one of the best ways to attract website traffic. With an estimated 440+ million blogs around there's a lot content (and competition) on almost any subject.

It also means if you want your blog to be read and shared then it should be optimized.

That may sound daunting, but with a few tweaks and content marketing best practices you can turn any broken blog into a lead winning resource for your brand.

How many more leads can you make? On average, companies with blogs get 67% more leads per month than those without (Source: DemandMetric). So it pays to spend your time and money on building a great blog to attract website traffic. 

For instance, take a look at this before and after of one of our brand’s blogs after we updated and optimized this post using some content marketing strategy.

Website traffic before and after blog optimization.

Before you throw away your bad blogs, take a look at these 7 ways to turn your broken blogs into increased website traffic.

1. Redesign and Organize Your Blog

Sometimes a broken blog has great content, but it's design makes it difficult to navigate and consume. That's why one of the first steps to fixing a low performing blog is to redesign it.

We like to use Thrive Architect with WordPress. This is a drag and drop plugin that allows you to put together a gorgeous and functional blog.

Always try to provide plenty of white space and use colors and fonts that are clear to read with good contrast. If all else fails, black and white is the most readable.

Also, putting in a table of contents to make any blog post easier to navigate for your website traffic.  

Content marketing strategy blog menu

​2. Keep Consistent

To keep your website traffic coming back, you need to have consistent quality with your posts. That way you set a clear expectation for your readers. One of the best ways to do this is by building SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

This is simply a set of instructions that are repeatable and ideally could be followed by anyone to create consistent content.

If you want more site traffic then make sure to use this content strategy for every for every piece of content that you create for your brand.

​3. Make Your Blog SEO Friendly for Easy Organic Website Traffic

One of the biggest issues for broken blogs is having bad or no SEO. This is one step of your content strategy that you can’t ignore if you want to increase organic website traffic.

Search engine optimization is a science that’s highly technical but with some great plugins for WordPress and a ton of free tools it's easier than ever to manage.

We personally use Yoast SEO on our blogs:

Yoast SEO content strategy

Thankfully, one of the biggest changes to the internet and blogs is how Google searches websites. Their biggest concern is to check content for relevance and usefulness, even going so far as to scrub video for keywords now!

That means, with a limited amount of effort, you can setup basic SEO for each blog post. 

​4. Linking Often

One of the easiest ways to improve your content marketing strategy to increase website traffic is by linking to your other content throughout each blog. That way your readers can have easy access to topics that you reference throughout your content.

On top internal links, you should link out to high authority sites that have relevant content. That way you can show Google that your intention is to give the reader value, while supplementing what you write.

​5. ​Include Influencers in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Another great way to boost your website traffic is by using influencers in your blogs and one the easiest ways to reach out to experts is through HARO

HARO Request Content Marketing Strategy

This online service enables writers to connect with experts on particular topics. That way you can get quotes and excerpts to use in our content.

With an influencer contributing, your content will usually get a free boost in website traffic from their audience on top of adding a lot of authority and added value to the content.

​6. An Amazing Blog Hack

Last year, we hosted the Internet Marketing Expo and had DigitalMarketer’s managing editor Lindsay Marder as one of our speakers. She shared a content strategy on how they increased overall site traffic by putting out LESS blogs. 

The biggest takeaway was to leverage the blogs you already have and add content and value to them a few times a year. This has a dramatic effect and you can read all about it here.

​7. Expert Roundups

What's better than using one influencer or expert in your blog? Using a whole bunch of them. That is what an expert roundup is all about. 

Pick a topic and reach out to multiple experts for a formatted discussion. It's one of the best ways to create an extremely shareable blog with limited writing time.

If the topic is something that reoccurs in your business you could even do an extended series that bringing in multiple groups of experts, creating an ever growing post on that subject.

​Pick a topic and reach out to multiple experts for a formatted discussion. It's one of the best ways to create an extremely shareable blog with limited writing time.​

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So before you delete your broken blogs, try some of these tips to increase website traffic and leverage the content you've already written. After you figure out the process that is giving you increased site traffic, make sure to build SOPs to ensure all your future posts have a consistent quality level.

Even better is that once you've sured up your blogs, you can reuse that content in many different channels. This is very common with approximately 60% of marketers reusing blog content 2-5 times (Source: OzContent).

Are you planning to overhaul your bad blogs? Tell us what your favorite tip was and how it worked for you in the comments below.  

Bryan Culver

Bryan is the Copywriter at Performance Marketer. He has years of marketing experience with a heavy focus on content creation. He lives to create, entertain, and share valuable insight.

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