Real Strategies to Increase Your Organic Traffic by 28.9% in 30 Days

Over the past few years, I’ve managed millions of dollars running paid traffic and I know Facebook Ad Manager like the back of my hand. Still, I’ve never really had much time to set up an organic traffic strategy.

At least until this past Spring. That’s when I attended an inspiring talk at the Internet Marketer Expo detailing the benefit’s of re-purposing blog content.

The new traffic strategy has been in place for a few months now and so far, the results have left me very impressed! So impressed (and pumped!) that I’ve decided this strategy needs its own case study.

Now, let’s take a look at how the strategy I used to increase organic traffic by 28.9% in 30 days!

Drop Ship Lifestyle Traffic Case Study

Below, you’ll see the difference in organic traffic to Drop Ship Lifestyle’s entire site (both the main homepage and blog).  P.S. We often get asked Is Dropshipping legal -  The answer is yes. 

​On Monday, August 21, ​there were 508 organic sessions, and 30 days later, on Monday, September 18, we had 655 organic sessions. That’s a 28.9% increase in organic visitors.

how to increase blog traffic
increase blog traffic

​So how did we go about increasing our organic traffic by almost 29% in just 30 days?

Well, on June 8th, I decided to implement a new marketing strategy after hearing a talk from Digital Marketer’s Content Marketer, Lindsay Marder at our Internet Marketer Expo here in Austin, Texas.

Lindsay spoke about reusing content by updating rather than scrambling to create new pieces of content about the same topics. She showed how Digital Marketer recycled their posts with new media, relevant updates, and better researched keywords;

After hearing this, I immediately thought it was the perfect solution to combat what I was noticing as an internal backlog that wasn’t seeming to shrink. The amount of content our small team had been putting out was causing us to almost miss deadlines on a regular basis.

I was hopeful that ​the new strategy would help ​us to catch up. What I didn’t expect was to blow our organic traffic goals out of the water.

Alright, let’s jump right in.

Increasing Organic Traffic: The First Repost

​Using the new traffic strategy, ​this was the first post that we updated and republished on the Drop Ship Lifestyle blog:

increase organic traffic

​The post above was originally ​published on December 17th of 2015.  Then ​it was ​republished with an update, on June 8th, 2017:

increase website traffic
how to get organic traffic

You can see the major jump in organic traffic on the re-publish date.

The post was getting 0-1 organic sessions a day from it’s original publish date up until the re-publish.

After the updated re-publish, the post now gets ​an average of 66 organic sessions a day, (based on a 30 day period, with 1,981 organic sessions total in this period):

organic traffic

Now, I Bet You’re Wondering How ​This Increased Organic Traffic to Our Blog?

The first tactic ​I used to increase organic traffic was pretty simple: email out ​​our weekly blog posts to our list.

​Our email list at Drop Ship Lifestyle is always growing: 93,260 leads generated in 2016 (unfortunately, due to a CRM switch, we don’t have data on the ​number of leads in 2015) to 216,405 leads already this year.

So emailing out our blog posts to our list has a greater traffic potential. Therefore, even though we were sending direct traffic, Google’s algorithm takes into account the visits to these pages, and in turn ranks the page higher.

how to increase organic traffic

​As you can see in the above, it wasn’t even part of our practice in 2016 to broadcast email our blog posts to the list!

Increasing Blog Traffic with a Little Help From Paid Traffic

Another tactic we used to increase organic traffic to ​Drop Ship Lifestyle blog posts was paid traffic.

Our hypothesis was the same as sending out content emails, that the more traffic the post receives (even if direct or paid), the more Google’s algorithm will consider this post to rank in search.

I began increasing the amount of cold audience traffic campaigns I run to content like blog posts. 

I used to be able to run all our cold targeting traffic straight to lead magnets, but as the CPL (cost per lead) ​crept up, I found that sometimes we needed to add in a TOFU (top of funnel) campaign.

​At Drop Ship Lifestyle, our TOFU campaigns ​send more cold traffic to the blog, then retarget them to a lead magnet to keep conversion costs low, ​while reaching potential new customers.

Here’s how much I spent in 2016 for the same 30 day period we’ve been looking at (Aug. 21 2016-Sept. 19, 2016):

how to get traffic to your website

And here’s my spend & reach for 2017, in the same 30 day period Aug. 21, 2017-Sept. 19, 2017):

As you can see, I increased my spend in 2017 to reach 239,000 people versus 2016, where I only reached 93,638 in the 30-day window.

​Here are the ​traffic statistics for ​the Drop Ship Lifestyle blog for organic, direct, and paid traffic for the past 30 days. 30 days of organic website traffic in 2017 (Aug. 21, 2017-Sept. 19, 2017) ​compared with the same segment of time in 2016 (Aug. 21 2016-Sept. 19, 2016)

content marketing case study

The percent of increase in organic traffic is up 775.99% total sessions, and up 982.13% with new users.

Using Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

Here’s looking at the same 30-day window between 2016 and 2017 for ​the Drop Ship Lifestyle Facebook page:

how to get traffic to your blog

We posted 27 times from 8/21/2017-9/19/2017 on our Facebook page, and only 9 times between the same dates in 2016.

We now shoot for a post a day, some boosted Facebook Ads or used in campaigns via dark posts, some not. 

We always post our most recently published blog post on social media as soon as it is published.​ But the rest of our feeds are ​filled with images from the office, or current events we are having. And we always syndicate the posts to our other social platforms with Buffer or Hootsuite.

The Finale

Now, I know this post has been comparing our organic website traffic from the recent most 30 days to the same window in 2016.

But to really hit ​on how awesome this re-purpose strategy is, I wanted to show you the increase in organic traffic from when we implemented this new strategy, to the time of our most recent blog post.

So on June 8th, 2017 (the day of our first repost) ​Drop Ship Lifestyle had 340 organic traffic sessions:

traffic case study

And on the day of our latest blog post, September 19th 2017, we had 644 organic traffic sessions.

how to increase website traffic
how to increase website traffic

That’s an 89% overall increase in organic traffic from implementing this new strategy.

And that’s not even the best part!

Since starting this new strategy, ​my content team has only put out seven new pieces of content (two of which were guest posts). So the Drop Ship Lifestyle content team only had to write five new posts​, versus 15 (like we would have without this strategy).

So less work and stress for everybody, but much better results.

Goals for Continuing to Increase Organic Traffic Growth:

  • Increase social page posts on various social platforms
  • Increase referrals, referral links
  • Decrease bounce rate (via high quality, relevant content)
  • Increase lead capture on site
  • Possibly test paid traffic with Bing (found that the Bing bounce rate is lower than our average)
grow organic traffic
What do you think about this strategy? Is it something you’d want to try for yourself?
Alison Smith

Alison has worked in marketing for the past couple of years, specifically in media buying. She has worked on multiple brands, with millions of dollars managed, creating cross-platform full-funnel campaigns. She also likes pizza, very much.

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