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Welcome to Week #18 of Marketer Mondays!

Today on Marketer Monday I share how you can increase the conversion rates on your opt-in pages.

Congruency is key to highly converting opt-in pages and in this episode of Marketer Monday I show you examples of how to do this the right way, and how to do this the wrong way.

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Can your own Facebook feed for good and bad examples of congruency and share the results in the comments section!

Video Transcription

Hey everyone. Quick reminder: if you haven’t already gone to and registered, this event is going to sell out. I know people are going to be asking me about it. It is not till May but we have been promoting this for a while so, if you want to go, if you want to join us here in Austin with about 500 other entrepreneurs go to, get your ticket, get yourself reserved and you can join us out here. With that being said guys, this episode of Marketer Monday I am going to talk about something that’s super important no matter what type of business you run: whether it be a software as a service business, an info product business, a physical product eCommerce business it doesn’t matter. I want to talk to you about how to get your opt in pages to convert as best as possible. What that means is, to get your conversion rate up as high as possible on your opt in pages. The way that I want to specifically frame this for this video is: when you are sending traffic, let’s say from Facebook becuase as you probaly know thats where we buy most of our traffic, to an opt in page where you can be asking for: name, email and phone number. Basically, you are trying to get someone to come from a traffic page, such as Facebook, to an opt in page that asks for those fields that then gathers that information from that lead. How do you get as many people as possible, that come from Facebook to your site, to fill out that form and complete that conversion, which is an opt in? That’s what we are going to cover in this episode of Marketer Monday.

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So, the biggest mistake, hands down, I see people make over and over when running adds to opt in pages is congruence. What that means is: having your actual ad, whatever it is you are showing people to get a click, match up with what you are showing them on the page that they are visiting. I am going to show you some examples but let me just give you a real-world thing. If, for example, I was running Facebook ads to sell books and I had an advertisement for this book with a picture of ‘Tools of the Titans’ and it said learn how to read a 500-page book in a day. However, when the person clicks that ad, on the next page, on the opt in page, I had a picture of this book, a great book: the biography of Warren Buffett called the Snowball. What I am talking about here is that if I just had a picture of this book on the next page, immediately something looks broken: the person clicked this, they see this, even if I am talking about the same concepts; I told them I would teach them how to read a book super-fast, a speed reader, a book this large. They click the link and see this book instead, same length – it doesn’t matter, they see something different and it breaks that congruency. It leads to people being confused and it leads to people leaving you site. So, you might be thinking, that’s obvious, why would anyone do that? You would be surprised. The biggest thing I would say is having your visual imagery match with what you are showing in the ad. If it’s colourful or using a certain colour scheme. Follow that through on the landing page that people are hitting – it makes a big difference. Not only that but the copy that you use – it should be the same thing repeated once again. The things that work best for us when we are running these ads to opt in pages on a place like Facebook, YouTube or AdWords is having something simple and straight to the point. The person clicks the ad and they seem that same message delivered again. They know where they are, they don’t feel confused, they don’t feel like a link was broken, they opt in and then they move on to the next part of our funnel.

[00:03:24] Let me switch to the computer screen right now and I will show you some examples of exactly what I mean. I will probably be cropping a lot of this video as I go through my own Facebook, just to block out personal stuff but I want to show you some examples of ads that I just randomly find that have good congruency. here is one from a company called, ‘Vervely’. I have no idea who they are, if they are legit or not so this is not any kind of endorsement but if you notice here in their copy it says, ‘Can you benefit from performance based Facebook ads? Need more clients and leads to grow your business. Frustrated with marketing and advertising, tired of trying to figure it out on your own’. I am just going through the copy here so you can get the messaging: performance based results, we only get paid if we get you results; that’s the biggest thing, the call for action. When we click this ad, let’s see if this is carried through to the opt in page. As you can see, right up top it says once again, “Want more clients or customers all year round for your coaching service, course, eCommerce store, local shop, agency, professional practice. Let’s go back here, notice the first thing here in all caps – need more clients and leads to increase your income and grow business. Boom. So, that matches. Yes, I do I clicked because I am interested in that and right away it has reinforced to me that that’s where I am and I am in the right place. I know that sounds super basic but it’s not and it really is as easy as maintaining your copy through your ad to your opt in page.

[00:04:52] So, next thing I want to show you here is that it says, ‘use Facebook performance based ads that work for your business’. If you come back here, see here in huge font: ‘Performance based ads: we only get paid if we get you results’. that is their main call to action and again, right here: ‘we deliver you leads, if we don’t get you results you just don’t pay.’ There is an asterisk, I don’t know if this company is legit, I have never heard of them before but I can tell you they are doing a great job with congruency. if you look at this ad and read through all of the copy you will find the same words, maybe reframed a little bit, but it is very clear to the person that clicks that ad, if they land on this page, that is why they clicked the ad. They knew what they were going to get when they got there, it wasn’t clickbait, it wasn’t bait and switch. They clicked an ad based on what they read, they came to this page and it confirms everything that they thought they were there for which means they are much more likely to opt in. In this case, it’s booking a strategy call. Keep that in mind; this is exactly what I am talking about when I am saying that you should keep things congruent and keep them the same in your copy as on your opt in page.

[00:05:56] I hope that helps to show a good example and a bad example and, instead of me just going through a whole bunch of them on my Facebook, my task for you, what I would recommend you do is: go on your own Facebook feed, look at a bunch of the ads, really study them, that’s how we get our best ideas, by studying what other advertisers are doing but as you see ads make a mental note of the copy they are using and then go to their pages and see if it matched up. Try to find winning examples, try to find losing examples and it will help you, not only become a better marketer, but also learn what you should model your own advertisements on and your own opt in pages on. As always guys I hope you got a lot of value out of this video. if you did, please do give it a like or a thumbs up and share with someone you think might benefit as well. If you find some really good, or really bad examples, of different ads to opt in pages definitely comment below this video, whether it’s on Facebook or YouTube or on to share what you found with everyone else. I think that would be a fun experiment. As always, I have to let you know: the internet marketer expo event is happening in Austin, may 20th and 21st – it is going to sell out, it is going to be full. I do hope you come but you are going to have to go to sooner rather than later to get signed up. That’s it guys, hope to see you out in Austin and I will definitely see you next week for another episode of Marketer Monday.


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