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In this episode of Marketer Monday you’ll learn how to get buyers on your webinar. The key to success with webinars is keeping things simple and this video explains how to do just that.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to get buyers onto webinars. Do you use a similar strategy or are you doing anything different?


Hey, what’s up guys. Anton here and welcome to another episode of Marketer Monday. Now, listen, if you watched last week’s episode of the show, I was out in Boise, Idaho. Again, I went there for a Master Mind and it was really, like, the highest level Master Mind that I’ve ever been a part of, you know, to be perfectly honest. This was kind of like me meeting with a group of people that I never met before. So it’s not like my typical conversations, I guess, with friends who have businesses where I get a ton of value out of but this was more of like, being put in a room with a bunch of people who, at least at first, were strangers. And the way the Master Mind worked is people would basically go up on the stage, they would spend about 15 minutes talking about somewhere they succeeded in business. Then they would spend maybe ten minutes or so talking about somewhere they need help and then everyone who else, you know, in the Master Mind was there in the crowd, including myself, would offer input and feedback and advice and try to help the person on stage with whatever they were going through.


Now, there was a lot of really good stuff that came up. I mean, I have way too many take-aways to talk about in this one video. I could probably make videos for the next year about things like I learned and like little tricks that I picked up. Definitely a lot of cool stuff that we’re going to be implementing on Performance Marketer throughout this year. And I’m sure, you know, on our blog and on our Youtube channel and in the Vault, you’re going to see a bunch of these changes. But what I wanted to talk about in this video. First of all, I guess, is the main theme that I saw over and over and then I’m going to show you guys is what I actually talked about, what I guess my big thing was, right, like how I was trying to help people. What’s working that I wanted to share. But the main thing, guys, that I picked up between everyone that got on stage that was seeking advice, it almost always came back to them, like, overextending themselves almost, right? And them trying to overcomplicate things instead of just going with the simple formula that works over and over. And I definitely see myself doing this too.


Basically, what happens with entrepreneurs is you find something that works and it’s working and that’s great and then you want to take it to the next level but instead of kind of just trying to duplicate what’s working, you try to mix in all different pieces and then what eventually happens is there’s so many pieces mixed in that that original thing doesn’t work as well as it used to because you’re trying to add onto it rather than just kind of fill it more or improve it. So, I’m going to give you the best example I guess I can of this. Most of the people at this Master Mind they either sell software or they sell services or they sell online courses. And the majority of us, I guess, of the people there, the way that they bring in new customers is through webinars. So they teach on webinars, they sell on webinars, and you know, that’s, in my opinion, by far the best way to acquire our customers. By the way, I have a bunch of other Market Monday episodes that I’ve done about webinars so I’m going to go ahead and I’ll link below this video to those. If you want to go back and learn, kind of our process for webinars, what our pre-webinar email sequence looked like, what our post-webinar sequence looks like, again, again I’ll link to that.


But main, what people were trying to do is they would find a webinar system that works for them and then they would want to try and just mix in all this other stuff with it, try to sell a million different ways and end up, maybe not losing sales but not growing at the scale that they wanted to. So what the main take-away was from everyone who has a successful webinar is to go ahead and basically just keep doing it every week but fill your funnel with new people.


So what does that mean? Let’s say you do one webinar and this is also where some people get held up. They think, “Well, if I’m going to do a webinar every week, I need to create a new webinar every week.” No you don’t! Go to any comedy show, right? The comic’s do the same act every day for like a year, usually more than a year, they’re doing the same material. Then they introduce a new one, right? Go see your favorite band. They’re going to play the same songs, have the same set list and they’re going to do that probably until their next album comes out. Maybe a year, maybe two years. So it’s the same thing with webinars. Once you find one that works, once you get your current message, what you want to share with people, once you get that down, then it’s your job to get as many people as possible onto that webinar, right? Make sure everyone sees it so that you can share your message and so that, of course, they can buy your product. So, I guess the main thing is once you find that, your focus is now bringing traffic in, right? How do you fill that webinar funnel? Now, that’s kind of what I shared in my presentation. What we do to bring people into these webinars so what we’re going to do is come back here. I’m going to draw some stuff out and I’ll show you guys what we do to fill our funnels.


Alright, so I thought a good point for this section of the video would be to show what most people do, okay? Let’s say this is your webinar, right? And it’s your goal to get as many people as possible on here because again, that’s your main selling channel. And I truly do believe if you sell software, if you sell services, if you sell any time of high end thing, if you sell, like literally, any kind of online course of info product, that is how you sell. Here’s where most people get it wrong, right? They’re running traffic, typically from Facebook (I love that. We do the same thing.), but they’re showing ads that tell people about the webinar, okay? So people they don’t know yet, people that don’t know them. They’re showing them ads, telling them, “Hey, I have a webinar. Go ahead and register for it.” And they’re trying to get people to go to their webinar page and register.


Now, with this it is possible to be able to register people for not too much money. I mean, you can get pretty affordable leads to do that, but there’s a couple problems with that, okay? The first problem is that once you get these people on the webinar, that’s typically the first time they’re ever going to hear your voice. That’s typically the first time they’re ever going to hear your story and hear your message. So when they first come onto your email list and come into your world through this, there’s not a high chance that they’re going to buy right away and it’s really because they’re not indoctrinated. That means you didn’t give them a chance to get to know you and to really decide if they’re going to buy from you or not. So even if you deliver an amazing presentation on your webinar, even if you just share so much and get them all excited, still it’s not that likely that the person who doesn’t know you yet is going to give you a bunch of money after ninety minutes of talking to them.


So, here’s what we do, okay? This helps in a couple ways. Instead of showing people on Facebook ads that say, “Hey, we’re doing a webinar. You should register.” We give them other things. So if this webinar is about ecommerce and that’s our webinar, we’re going to help people with ecommerce, we’re not going to say, “Hey, want to get on a webinar about ecommerce.” We’re going to say, “Hey, here are a list of products you can sell online.”, “Hey, here’s how you can find suppliers.”, “Hey, here’s how you can get traffic to your ecommerce store.” Right? So they’re all different topics, and we are doing basically lead generation. So we’re sending people to different pages where they can opt-in and where they can get something of value from us. Now, once we do that, we invite those people to the webinar. So what we basically did is add an extra step in between the process of inviting people to our webinar but what this allows us to do, once again, is to indoctrinate them because we’re giving them, for free, something of value here. You know, nothing crazy. Usually some simple reports but things that definitely something that someone could read in a few minutes and get a ton of value out of.


So instead of going for that first ask, we never do this, okay? We give them something great, they get on our email list, we give them that thing they asked for, then we invite them to the webinar. By the time they get on, they already learned who we are, we’ve already demonstrated we know what we’re talking about through our free thing, and they’re much more likely to buy. Now that’s one of the benefits. The other huge benefit, right? The other massive benefit of this and this goes back to the Master Mind, the reason people start trying more and more things is because their webinar ads get stale basically, right? Like, everyone on Facebook, for example, if that’s where they’re running their ads, has seen they’re doing a webinar, okay? And they’ve seen it and seen it and seen it and they get blind to it. The people who weren’t more interested still aren’t interested. When you use this method, when you have different front-end offers (I’ve made videos on this also. I’ll link to it below this.), when you do that it allows you to change your messaging. It allows you to always have something new. And even though there are these small things, it really allows you to connect with people in different ways, which is important because not everyone is going to be interested in your webinar.


So, with these, these front-end things, you know, we’ve tested up to over ten at a time, we typically have between three and five of them always running. Again, give them something of value for free then inviting people to the webinars. Not only does it allow us to not have our ads get stale, it allows us to do the one thing that we do best over and over and over again with new leads coming in.


Listen, guys, I hope that makes sense. It’s a really simple way to expand your market size and your reach and it’s a really simple way to increase your conversions on webinars. So, hope that made sense to everyone. If it does, definitely leave a comment below and let me know. I’ve been making these videos for a while, I think like half a year. So, kind of trying to decide what we want to do with this Youtube channel, whether or not the new trainings will be in our Vault or whether or not they’ll still be public-facing so if you are watching this, if you’re getting value please do let me know by giving this video a thumbs up or by leaving a comment on Youtube. And definitely subscribe to this channel because, again, every week I’m going to leave a new video. That’s how you’ll get notified. So that being said, I hope you guys got value. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week for Marketer Monday.

Anton Kraly

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