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Learn about our highest converting sales funnels for eCommerce stores and information products.

This week on Marketer Mondays Anton Kraly talks about the sales funnels that we use in our online businesses.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody! Anton Kraly here, founder and CEO of www.performancemarketer.com, welcome to another episode of Marketer Mondays. Today, just like the title says, I want to talk to you about sales funnels and the different types of funnels that we use in our online businesses. The reason that I wanted to talk about this today is because I just got back from Hawaii; from an annual retreat that we do for students of some of our online courses. It’s a really cool event, we had about 120 people out there, and obviously, a lot of the event is people presenting on stage talking about what’s working now in their business. But there is a lot of just talking to our students: they come up and they ask me questions about different things and honestly, it’s whatever they want to ask me. What I noticed this year, that’s’ a little bit different from previous years, is that a lot of people are asking me about what type of funnels we use in our online businesses. This applies to: the information products, the software, the eCommerce, the physical products. So, in this episode of Marketer Monday I’m going to break down the different types of funnels that we use in our businesses and why it is that I think they work so well.

Marketer|Monday [00:01:05]

Alright, so our best funnels. Now listen, the truth is at the end of the day we do run lots of different funnels in our businesses. We have lots of different front end offers and there’s a lot of ways we bring people into them. But, at the end of the day there are three main funnel types that we use again and again and again. Sometimes you’ll see slight variations but for this video I just want to cover those major three at the highest level, a thirty-thousand-foot overview, so that you can understand how we are using these different funnel types effectively in our businesses.

1) Break-Even Funnel [00:01:43]

The first funnel type that I want to talk about, which drives everything forward, is the Break-Even Funnel. Just like it sounds like we’re trying to break even with this one. We’re not trying to make money; the actual goal of this funnel is to get what we spend on traffic back into our bank accounts as quickly as possible. I am talking about two or three days, when we spend money on traffic – we want it back within two or three days. Break-Even Funnels are pretty simple but the goal of them is to acquire leads and then to sell a product that its inexpensive, something that’s a really quick impulse buy, and will get our money and ad spend back. The reason we run break even funnels, the real goal of them, is to acquire new customers. So again, we are not doing it to make money, we are doing it to build a list of buyers. For example, if I spend a hundred dollars on leads today and they go into the Break-Even Funnel I want those customers to spend enough money for me to make a hundred net in at least two or three days. I am acquiring customers, I’m breaking even quickly and the goal is to acquire customers. At this point you are probably thinking: if I am not making money then why am I doing this, all I am doing is building a list of buyers? We are doing this for lead value optimization. One big thing we focus on here at performance marketer is how to make the most money out of our email list and, of course, the customers that we already have. How we can we serve them better, offer them more products and increase `our bottom line? I call this one our primary offer funnel.

2) Primary Offer Funnel [00:03:15]

Your primary offer, this is where the money is made. After you bring in customers, after they buy from you or are on your email list, they ascend to this next stage and here is where you are trying to sell them the thing that makes you the money. Let’s just say, for example, you are selling stand up paddle boards and running an eCommerce store. Your Break-Even Funnel might be that you are giving away paddle board wax, surf board wax or a paddle board leash. You are trying to sell them these things for five or ten dollars, not a lot but just enough for you to break even on the ad spend to build customers. Your primary product, that you are selling in the eCommerce space, is the paddle board. Once they go through the Break-Even funnel (you get your money back on ad spend) you are putting them in the Primary Offer Funnel (where the money is made). If you’re selling a thousand-dollar product, you don’t want to offer it on the break-even side, you want to offer in your Primary Offer Funnel. Another example in the information product space: we sell online courses; I have an online course called www.dropshiplifestyle.com which helps people build eCommerce stores. We have break even funnels where we sell 57 dollar courses – small or mini courses that get people started on their journey with eCommerce. Then, when they are ready, we offer our primary offer: our full-blown coaching programme which starts at about 2000 dollars. We don’t start running traffic and hope that people buy that straight away. We bring them though our break-even funnel then we offer them our primary offer

3) Webinar Funnel [00:04:40]

Now, from here there is one more main funnel type that we use in all our businesses` and this is our webinar funnel. The webinar funnel is just what it sounds like: It’s basically a sequence where we invite potential customers to live webinars that, typically I run. Then on the Webinars I make them a special offer on our primary offer and might include some bonuses as well. In our business, we use it after the Break-Even and Primary Offer Funnels happen, the reason why? The Break-Even Funnel is automated. It’s the easiest, when you’ve set it up, when you’ve perfected it, you can get your return on ad spend back in 48-72 hours. Our Primary Output Funnels are automated as well: we put people through and the products sell themselves. The Webinar Funnel is for the people who have gone through these funnels and they were not ready yet. If, for one reason of another, they did not pull the trigger and purchase our primary offer then we offer them a webinar. Basically, we get them on and give them a lot of training, or value, or knowledge about what it is that we do in our different companies and then we make them a special offer. This builds up on all the other content we have been delivering throughout our series of funnels.


So even though these are the three main funnel types it is all one large funnel; it starts of wide and it gets smaller and smaller. This is how we work to maximise the value out of all our leads. With that being said, there are a lot more details that I can give you on each of these such as: what the pages look like, where we send people to, what emails we send, how do we automate it, when do we decide people move through each funnel and what’s the timing delays. So, what I think I am going to do, for the sake of time, is build this into future episodes of Marketer Mondays. I will set these funnels in a little bit more detail and share more information about how we set up the entire thing from the technical, automation, email and content side. So, if you have any questions on sales funnels or marketing funnels go ahead and ask them below this video, that would be helpful for me as I create content for future Marketer Mondays


I am also doing a webinar (Webinar Funnel) later this week all about information products. Not 100% related to funnels but I am going to talk about the different types of information funnels that we create throughout these series and sequences. You can go to www.performancemarketer.com/webinar  to sign up. I’ll also put a link on the screen and in the description so If you want to sign up to that webinar, it’s free. The way that I do the webinar is about an hour of pure content and pure training and then I will make an offer. It’s going to be very reasonable but if you are not interested in spending a dime with me you are still going to have an hour of pure content plus 30 mins of Q&A.


If you got value from this video let me know in the comments and give it a thumbs up or a like. If you know someone that would get value, that’s considering funnels and how they can use them, definitely share this. If you or someone you know would get value out of the webinar I am doing just go to www.performancemarketer.com/webinar. Thanks again guys and I will see you next week for Marketer Monday.


Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Performance Marketer - a place where decades of real world marketing experience is shared. He began building business online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses.

  • Derek says:

    Do you think it is bad to send emails from a automated system like, mailchimp or constant contact. Does it take the personalization away

    • Anton Kraly says:

      Great question, Derek.

      Personalized is always best. However, that’s impossible to manage when you have hundreds or thousands of leads coming into your funnels every day.

      We often ask people to reply to our emails if they have any questions or for us.. once they engage with us we can offer more customized replies. However, it’s simply not possible to do at the front at the funnel at scale.

      Hope that helps!

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