20 Free Marketing Tools Every Smart Business Owner Should Know About

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially the free stuff that makes your life easier.

For every paid marketing tool or app, there is a free one that is in its own right, pretty impressive.

Many times there is a free tool out there to help you accomplish anything on your marketing to-do list faster, and more efficient.

That being said, there are now hundreds of free and paid tools for marketing! So stop sifting through countless pages and blog posts of hundreds of tools. 

Finally, there is a straight-forward list of free marketing tools no smart marketer should live without. These tools are what you need to execute your next marketing campaign faster, and better.


In the marketing world there are hundreds of paid and free marketing tools to make our jobs easier. There’s so many that it’s almost a double-edged sword. 

Tools to help us measure campaigns, create lead magnets and other content, research the competition, and generally, make the process more efficient all around. 


When it comes to managing your website, your conversion rate is one of the most important marketing metrics to watch.

CRO Bar makes it easy for you to show the most important information to your website visitors.

There are so many great ways to use CRO Bar to increase your conversions and it's customizable so it will always match your brand and offer.


free conference calls

Like the name says, it’s a free tool that can help you in creating a lead magnet.

This tool is great if you need a way to share tutorials, presentations, or interviews with an online audience.

FreeConferenceCall.com allows for screen sharing and video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is unbelievably powerful for it to be one of the best free marketing tools out there.

Used by nearly every business and marketer, the dashboard lets you measure and track advertising ROI along with your social media and videos.

To really get the full use of Google Analytics, make sure to check out Google’s free Analytics Academy.

Visa Veerasamy

Visa Veerasamy

​Blog Editor - Referral Candy


​The free tool I depend on the most would probably be Google Analytics. Or just searching for things on Google. So much of marketing is about understanding your target market, and we can find all sorts of relevant things on Google if we know how to look.

Google Docs

One of the most popular document editing tools, Google Docs has a ton of things going for it. First of all, it’s free, and it allows for online editing and sharing of your documents and spreadsheets.

Google Docs is perfect for sharing ideas with team members and creating folders for your research. You can create sub-folders where you can start drafting chapters, organizing relevant research for different sections, and editing feedback, ideas, and inspiration from your team.

Even CEOs like, Dave Schneider of Ninja Outreach, are using Google's free tools to better operate their businesses.

ninja outreach dave schneider

​​Dave Schneider

CEO Ninja Outreach


“​For me, it's Google Docs and Sheets. I run my entire business on that.”


Page speed plays a critical role in your SEO and user experience, the latter can have a huge impact on your conversion rates.

Run your website URL through GTmetrix whenever you add a new plugin, make changes, or to just to monitor page speeds.

GTmetrix doesn’t just provide insight on how fast your site loads, they also share actionable recommendations to optimize those pages.

Hubspot’s Social Media Holiday Calendar

free holiday calendar

Updated yearly, Hubspot has a holiday calendar full of every National [insert random thing here] Day you could imagine. And then some...

You’ll want to use this tool to plan your content calendar, social marketing campaigns, AND holiday promotional offers.

These type of holidays are perfect for injecting a little fun into your marketing campaigns.

Scroll through the list and see if there are any holidays that are a great fit for your brand. Great holiday sales aren’t just for Christmas anymore!


best marketing ifttt applets

A very small sample of some of the top marketing applets on IFTTT.

Ready to streamline your marketing processes so you can focus on growing your business and making more profits?

Then IFTTT (if this, then that) is a tool that will boost your productivity to a new level.

While not just for marketing, there are plenty of applets to make your life easier all around.

It can be a little overwhelming at first, but IFTTT has made setting up and creating applets incredibly user-friendly.

Give it a shot, and see how much time you save on a daily basis!


mailchip list segmentation

If you have 2,000 or fewer subscribers, MailChimp has a free plan for email marketing that offers everything you could need when getting started.

Sign up forms, beautiful email templates reports and data, plus email automation is all included in the free plan.

Once you start growing your email list and send more than 12,000 emails a month, you’ll need to upgrade.

But the good news is the next level is a small $10 a month and includes plenty of extra features for better email campaigns.


Content marketing is the process of:

  • Building an audience
  • Creating demand for a product or service within that audience

In other words, your job is to create and share content in a way that leads people to take action. And these are the free marketing tools that will make your content beautiful and valuable. 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

headline analyzer

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a spiffy little free tool that allows you to put in your headline in their search-bar and see how it performs.

 CoSchedule has a huge database that allows them to see what headlines drive engagement, shares, and traffic.

According to Lauren Joyner, Managing Editor at Infusionsoft this headline analyzer is a must if you have a blog.  

​Lauren Joyner​​​​

​Managing Editor, Infusionsoft


​"CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer breaks down style, word choice, sentiment, and more, as well as giving you a preview of what it would look like in Google search results and tips on how to make a more engaging headline.”

​"CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer breaks down style, word choice, sentiment, and more, as well as giving you a preview of what it would look like in Google search results and tips on how to make a more engaging headline.”


free stock photos vectors

As Content Editor, Freepik is one of the free marketing tools I use on a daily basis.

This site helps you find free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSD files, and stock photos.

Perfect for creating seriously impressive websites, banners, Facebook ads, and blog post images. Or even just looking for inspiration to share with your graphic designer!


A must-have for anyone from the self-respecting writer to the person that drives the grammar nerds crazy, Grammarly is an online grammar checker helps you improve the quality of your writing.

In addition to grammar checking, Grammarly can also be used as a plagiarism checker and it can generate citations in 3 most popular formats.


typeform example

If you’re not sure what problems your readers are having, just ask them!

All you need to do is put together a quick survey, and Typeform is the tool that can help you make one for free.

Send the survey or form to your email subscribers and social media followers.

If you need more responses, post the survey where your ideal reader hangs out online.


Social media is the perfect place to share your content with potential and current customers. When done well, the benefits of connecting with both customers and leads on social media will take your business far. 

Many companies are now using social media marketing to connect and grow, and here are some of the free tools they love to use:


buffer pricing and plans

While there are paid plans, Buffer’s free plan is a great option for basic social media scheduling.

You’re allowed one account per platform (Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram) and 10 scheduled posts per platform.

Buffer’s dashboard is clean, minimal, and gets the job done quick.

There’s an added bonus of the incredible Buffer browser extension, making it easier to take care of your company’s social media.


webinar presentations

Think of Canva, as your free and easy replacement to buying and learning something as powerful as Adobe Creative Cloud.

This software has a premium upgrade, but there is plenty that you can do with the free plan.

Social media images, infographics, and slideshow presentations are just a small selection of all you can quickly, easily create with Canva.

CoSchedule Social Message Optimizer

 social media tools free

When I asked Ben Sailer, Blog Manager for CoSchedule, for his favorite free marketing tool I knew I’d get a great answer.

coschedule ben sailer

​Ben Sailer

​​Blog Manager, CoSchedule


“My first answer would be ‘your brain.’ It's where all your real creativity comes from right? My second answer: the Social Message Optimizer.”

“My first answer would be ‘your brain.’ It's where all your real creativity comes from right? My second answer: the Social Message Optimizer.”
​"CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer breaks down style, word choice, sentiment, and more, as well as giving you a preview of what it would look like in Google search results and tips on how to make a more engaging headline.”

Whether you need to boost engagement, build trust with your audience, or drive traffic and convert, their Social Message Optimizer will help you craft the perfect social message for every network.


This is one of those free social media tools that only us marketers will understand.

FadFeed is a free Google Chrome extension for your browser that automatically filters your Facebook feed and fills them with Ads.

Instead of wasting time scrolling through videos and updates on Facebook, your feed is now full of real-time ad inspiration targeted just at you!


free social media tool

Lack any and all design skills? That’s more than OK, because here’s a free marketing tool just for you.

Pablo from Buffer, is the quickest, most simple way to create beautiful blog or social media images.

Pick from one of the photos, add your text and a logo, and you are good to go!


You aren't always in need of a marketing tool for building, creating, or measuring, sometimes you need some inspiring.

And there are plenty of free tools for marketing inspiration. From design to copywriting, these marketing tools prove you don't need to reinvent the wheel, just build a better one!


web design ideas

If you're looking for inspiration designing website elements or landing pages, there's a unique place on the web that has just what you're looking for.

Whether you love design, or need to spark some inspiration, Calltoidea has the best examples of everything from customer testimonials to pricing and about pages.

Even if you’re outsourcing design for your marketing campaigns, this site is a great place to see your options.

Good Email Copy

email copy examples

“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.”

That’s easily one of our favorite sayings and a huge reason why we love this free marketing tool.

Good Email Copy is a great place to find inspiration and copy for your email marketing.

Search through what other great companies and brands are emailing and find a one that will fit your the voice of your company.


free keyword research

Many of the top keyword research tools cost a pretty penny and don’t work for some marketing budgets. Have no fear, there are several keyword research tools that get the job done for free. Our favorite by far is Übersuggest.

While many marketers recommend Google Keyword Planner as a free tool to research keywords, this tool has new keywords not available in Google’s tool.

Beyond SEO research, Übersuggest is a great way to kick up your keyword research by offering tons of ideas for PPC and content marketing campaigns.

Did We Miss Your Favorite Free Marketing Tools?

Of course, this list doesn’t show off every free marketing tool on the web, but it has the ones every marketer needs to know about.

From finding inspiration for your next great marketing campaign to quickly taking care of your social media, these free tools will make you a better marketer instantly.

We want to know: What’s your favorite (and free!) marketing tool that makes your job easier? Let us know in the comments!


Caitlin is an Austin-based digital marketer and writer with a passion for content. She is the newest member of the Performance Marketer team and brings years of marketing experience, as well as the best recommendations for where to go for lunch.

  • Rachael says:

    What an amazingly helpful and comprehensive list! Thanks for compiling all of this. As a new blogger, I will surely be busy as I haven’t yet heard of most of these services! Love the way you compiled the post as well.

  • Mark Huber says:

    Hey Caitlin

    What an amazing article you’ve put together here! Wow!

    It’s nice to see a number of names I am familiar with and use but great to see some new names that I’m going to be checking out too.

    Thought I’d return the favor and tell you about a free service I use for ‘marketing inspiration’ and that is zest.is

    For those of you that want to keep current (or ahead of the curve) on marketing strategies, case studies, emerging online trends, tools, reviews & growth hacking
    Zest is a new-tab feed of content suggested by marketers, for marketers. And it’s all manually moderated!

    In fact, they approve and publish less than 1% of suggested articles. Because the content is recommended and verified by pros makes Zest my ‘go to’ because it saves me an incredible amount of time and provides valuable categorized resources.

    You can check their site here at https://zest.is


    Mark Huber

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the post! And wow, Mark, thanks for letting me know about Zest too!

      I would say overall the free marketing inspiration ‘tools’ are the most helpful and time saving, as well as my personal favorite type of free tool. So Zest is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ll be adding this one to the list for sure.


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