Is Content Still King?

When it comes to online marketing, content has been considered ‘king’ pretty much since Bill Gates wrote a post titled ‘Content is King’ back in 1996! But, while it was most definitely true then and continued to be so for many years afterwards, is it still true now? The answer, to that question, from our point of view at least, is ‘kind of’.

Ok, so that answer isn’t particularly helpful. But, bear with us, we can explain.

What is Content Marketing Without Content?

If you don’t have any content to use in your marketing strategy, then it’s just marketing the product or service you make or provide. So of course, to spice that up a bit, raise your brand’s profile and gain more clients, you definitely need content to help with your marketing strategy.

But, where as in the past long-form, written content, was the go-to plan for many online marketers, these days, there’s a lot more to it.

First-off, good content is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity. All websites and companies with an online presence absolutely have to have some content. Even if your product or service is unique in its abilities and delivery, you still need a way to share those details with the world.

However, you don’t only need content for that; you also need to get that message out there with a great marketing strategy. Yes, content will form a pretty big chunk of that strategy, but without a strategy in place – even a simple one – then your content won’t go too far. And, if no-one or too few potential customers read/see/listen to your content, it won’t be able to do its job.

Remember, Content Doesn’t Only Mean Written Content

This is another important detail to keep in mind when coming up with your marketing strategy. While written content may be among the cheapest and fastest ways of engaging with your customers and potential clients, it isn’t the only one, or even the most successful one.

When it comes to marketing on Social Media, 74% of respondents to a survey by Social Media Examiner said they used visual marketing, such as images or infographics. That was followed by blogging which was used by 68% of social media marketers then video which was used by 60%.

That suggests that content is still important, but that more thought is going in to what type of content is created, used and marketed.  Also of interest, is the stat that when a tweet is accompanied by an image, it receives 150% more retweets than those without images.

That underscores the idea that written content alone – even short, insightful and informative written content – is enhanced when accompanied by imagery. Hopefully, we’re building up a picture, showing you that written content is far from obsolete, but it works better as part of a broader strategy, or a team.

Take the Time to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy

Because anyone can create and publish content – they really can – it’s no longer enough to do that too. You have to join up the dots, work out what your target audience wants, go that extra mile and maybe even become an innovator.

So yes, writing a regular blog is a great start, but it’s just not enough. You will also need a content marketing strategy and it will need to include:

 is content still king infographic

As you can see, just focusing on a few of the above detailed points is a great starter content marketing strategy. Then, once you become more confident with pinpointing what works, what doesn’t and what might, you’ll be able to expand on that. You may even be able to secure a larger marketing budget based on all your additional work and new ideas.

Is Content Still King?

After a little explanation, the short answer can change to yes, but not without support. There’s rarely one single detail that drives success and it’s the same with content marketing; content alone will never be enough.

But, it’s definitely a great place to start!

Elizabeth Kabulski

Elizabeth Kabulski is a strong, creative writer with 8 years of experience working her magic creating copy, blogs, articles, marketing collateral, and sales letters. She honed her writing skills in research essays and theses while pursing her MA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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