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2018 Digital Marketing Trends: 40 Influencers Share their Predictions and Expectations

What do we have to look forward to in 2018? Well, we asked hundreds of influencers, entrepreneurs, and marketers what they were looking forward to and their marketing expectations for the new year. From videos to segmenting to AI to being more human – the future is looking bright and it’s time to pull out our shades.

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7 Honest Social Media Marketing Tactics From a Cynical Marketer

I love how easy it is to define a brand’s voice or find new audiences on social media. It’s a huge reason why I’m not giving up on social media, and neither should you! However, times are changing and so are the basic tactics that every social media manager should take. Here are 7 tactics that are the difference between standing out on social media, and just adding to the noise.

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