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Actually, You Can Get Great Conversion Rates from Mobile Users

In general, we’ve seen conversion rates up across all types of devices in the past few years but mobile conversions rates are still averaging about 1% in most industries. If you consider where that average rate was in 2014 (when the number of mobile phone users beat out desktop computer users) and where it is now, then you’ll start to see why we think it’s time to bust the myth that users on mobile don’t, can’t, and won’t convert!

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How I Built the #1 Online Course & Helped 8,000+ People Quit Their Jobs

Even though I didn’t know much in the beginning, I was still willing to passionately learn about building businesses online. As I learned more and more, I started to think maybe there are other people out there that I could connect with. That there must be other drop shipping business owners that I can learn from. And that’s what led me down the road to creating my own online course and successfully building an international community of 8,000 entrepreneurs.

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