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How to Setup Google Analytics for Your eCommerce Shopify Store

With a brick and mortar business, you have the ability to see customers firsthand, learn their habits, and speak to them. Which is why your eCommerce store needs Google Analytics. Without Google Analytics, an online store is blind to the kind of information that’s so easily tracked with a physical storefront. Here’s the easy four-step system to get setup and start tracking your store’s visitors.

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Sequences

Email marketing is the most profitable channel you can use for your business. But building effective email sequences is a daunting task for someone new to email marketing and something that is hard to master. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to give you a strong understanding of how to leverage email sequences and autoresponders in your business. We’re also breaking down several of the most common email autoresponders and sequences to show you what works.

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