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Create a high-converting and powerful email marketing campaign to make more profits and convert leads. These email marketing blog posts will show you how to sell to your customers and leads through proven and powerful email marketing strategies.

2018 Digital Marketing Trends: 40 Influencers Share their Predictions and Expectations

What do we have to look forward to in 2018? Well, we asked hundreds of influencers, entrepreneurs, and marketers what they were looking forward to and their marketing expectations for the new year. From videos to segmenting to AI to being more human – the future is looking bright and it’s time to pull out our shades.

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Don’t Write These 20 Words in Marketing Emails

You manage email marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes but might not always get the desired results: the average CTR of 3.75% is your maximum, and about 78% of your marketing emails get… nothing. What went wrong? Have you considered you’re using the wrong words in your email copy? This article shows you why you need to avoid using these 20 words in your marketing emails.

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