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7 Honest Social Media Marketing Tactics From a Cynical Marketer

I love how easy it is to define a brand’s voice or find new audiences on social media. It’s a huge reason why I’m not giving up on social media, and neither should you! However, times are changing and so are the basic tactics that every social media manager should take. Here are 7 tactics that are the difference between standing out on social media, and just adding to the noise.

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SMS Marketing Best Practices for 2017

But use with caution: SMS Marketing is heavily regulated and you’ll find yourself in hot water if you abuse the privilege of having a customer’s personal cell number. So, if you’re looking to reap the benefits of adding another (largely under-utilized) channel to your marketing campaigns read on for all the Best Practices for SMS Marketing in 2017.

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RATTLE: Use This Simple 6-Step Formula to Create Epic Content in Any Niche

What I’m about to show you is the exact formula I use to create epic educational content in any niche. I call it RATTLE. It stands for Resonate, Accept, Turn, Twist, List, and Ending.

I’ve been there.

Deciding to make an info product is a great first step. But how do you actually create the content that goes into your product?

What you need is structure. A skeleton you can use to build your information product.

RATTLE: The Super-Simple Formula for Teaching Anything to Anyone

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