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How to Get Busy Influencers to Share Your Content

Email is acting as the instigator for more and more relationships these days. Partnerships are formed, employees are hired, deals are finalized, etc, all through email. Heck, even relationships these days start with email. Whether you’re promoting a book, blog post, new product, looking for funding, or asking for an interview, how you craft your email matters.

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7 Easy Tactics to Build Customer Loyalty and Create Super Users

Being honest, engaging with your customers, and providing great service are the right things to do as business owner. These principles are also at the foundation of companies who have created deep customer loyalty and benefited from their ‘super users.’ This is the type of customer loyalty will help you grow your business, as they help you sell your products and provide a consistent source of motivated leads. Here’s seven new and powerful tactics you can start using now to turn your loyal customers into ‘Super Users’!

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9 Content Marketing Tips That Will Immediately Improve Your Content Strategy

Here are nine interesting tips and techniques that will immediately improve your content strategy. These actionable content marketing tips are ones you can implement right away, bringing in more visitors and more money for your business. You might already be familiar with a few of them, but regardless, all of them will help you improve your content marketing.

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2018 Digital Marketing Trends: 40 Influencers Share their Predictions and Expectations

What do we have to look forward to in 2018? Well, we asked hundreds of influencers, entrepreneurs, and marketers what they were looking forward to and their marketing expectations for the new year. From videos to segmenting to AI to being more human – the future is looking bright and it’s time to pull out our shades.

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