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Why Your Product Isn’t Selling (and How You Can Turn it Around)

You’ve spent months creating and compiling your product. It’s jam-packed full of all your juicy knowledge and advice, and you’re ready to put it out there into the world. You’re ready to let it loose on the public to cure all their woes.

But launch day comes and goes to the harmonious sound of crickets.

Do you want to learn exactly why your product isn’t selling? More importantly, do you want to learn how you can turn it around?

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The Psychology of Demand: How Content Motivates People to Engage (and Buy!)

Despite what you may have heard, content marketing is not—at its core—about “creating and sharing valuable content.”

To be sure, to be effective at marketing, you will create and share content.

But don’t confuse the ends with the means.

Content is a tool, a tactic you use to achieve a goal—not a goal by itself.

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How to Successfully Organize Content Ideas for Your Infoproduct

There’s no doubt about it – creating an info-product is a huge task. In fact, for many people, the whole idea of creating something this sizable is completely overwhelming.

Which is why it’s important to split the process into stages, especially when it comes to gathering inspiration, researching, and organizing the content.

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RATTLE: Use This Simple 6-Step Formula to Create Epic Content in Any Niche

Ever sat in front of your computer staring a blinking cursor and just not know where to start?

I’ve been there.

Deciding to make an info product is a great first step. But how do you actually create the content that goes into your product?

What you need is structure. A skeleton you can use to build your information product.

RATTLE: The Super-Simple Formula for Teaching Anything to Anyone

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5 Steps to Creating a First-Rate Webinar That Converts

Webinars are increasingly becoming a go-to marketing tool for businesses looking to reach an audience outside of their immediate geographical location.

Where you might once have had to run an in-person event, you can now run an online version to ten times as many people who are scattered all over the planet.

It’s the ultimate way to connect with your audience.

So why should you incorporate a webinar strategy into your business?

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