3 Times Broadcast Emails Should be Used to Boost Conversions

Broadcast emails are great for sharing a single message with your email lists in exchange for more clicks and more conversions. Now that you have an idea of how to segment your subscribers for email broadcasts, let’s look at when we can use these broadcast emails in our segments. There are a few best practices to email marketing with this sort of automation.

These type of one-off emails are a powerful tool for you and your email marketing campaigns.  The message you send should be highly specific and convey exciting content to one segment (or many segments) of your subscribers. Recognize the type of subscriber in your segment (haven’t bought, low-ticket purchasers, or high-ticket purchasers) and differentiate your broadcast message for the biggest impact.

The content possibilities for broadcasts emails are virtually endless but we’re starting with the three most common times to use broadcast emails to for a boost in conversions:

Send a Broadcast Email When You Have Company or Business News to Share

Easily the most common time to send a broadcast email, many businesses send newsletters out on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. Their newsletters keep subscribers up-to-date on company happenings, upcoming events, or exciting industry news.

Newsletters are extremely popular form of broadcast emails due to their versatility, but there is one downside to them.  Newsletters constantly require new content on a regular basis, which can be tough for some businesses.

At first, if you’re not sure of how much content you would have to share on a weekly basis, start out with a monthly newsletter and see how that converts. Remember, one of the most important features of a successful broadcast email is that your audience sees it as valuable to them.

Bulk Email Blasts are Great to Inform Your Subscribers of New Product Releases or Updates

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A new product or an update is a perfect email message to broadcast to your subscribers. Make sure you create and convey the excitement you’re feeling about this new release so your subscribers feel the same.

What problems does this new product solve? When is it available? What problem is it solving? If it’s an update, what’s new? And finally, where and what is the call to action for your customers to purchase?

In general, show off your new product or release and be clear when communicating the value of your broadcast email to each segment. You don’t want to be sending emails just for the sake of staying in contact.

Send Broadcast Emails When You Have a Limited-Time Offer or Promotion for Your Subscribers

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Broadcast emails are perfect for sharing a promotion or limited-time offer with your audience. By customizing the message that each audience segment receives, you can ensure to address their issues and why they should ‘act now.’

Here are the Basic Parts of Promotional Email Blasts:

  • Clear expiration date or timeframe in both your subject line and email body
  • What they receive for ‘acting now’
  • Call to action that makes it easy to purchase or opt-in to your offer

Now you can’t go sending off broadcast emails to your segments every time you have some promotion or piece of content to share, that’s a good way to get people to lose trust or unsubscribe (or worse, be reported as SPAM!). If you can create a sense of urgency in your email message, and you could very well see a surge in your open and click-through rates!

Once you have your subscribers segmented you can begin to better construct broadcast emails with messages that resonate with their stage in your funnel. With effective broadcast emails you can expect your customized messages to get open and convert your subscribers to the next stage of their journey!

Have you used broadcast emails for your subscribers? What’s been your experience using customized messages for each of your segments of subscribers? Let us know in the comments!

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Anton Kraly

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