A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Marketing Automation

While marketing automation sounds complex, it can be easy to leverage it in small ways that make a big difference in your marketing workflows. From massive technology stacks to free tools, automation has been improving operations for marketers in so many ways. If you aren’t already, now is the time to get in on the action yourself.

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How I Built the #1 Online Course & Helped 8,000+ People Quit Their Jobs

Even though I didn’t know much in the beginning, I was still willing to passionately learn about building businesses online. As I learned more and more, I started to think maybe there are other people out there that I could connect with. That there must be other drop shipping business owners that I can learn from. And that’s what led me down the road to creating my own online course and successfully building an international community of 8,000 entrepreneurs.

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The Perfect Lead Magnet System

A great lead magnet can bring your business thousands of leads each month. Lead magnets are free offers attached to a signup form for an email list. Read this article to learn how to create your perfect (and high-converting) lead magnet. We’ve also included six templates to get you started attracting targeted leads.

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How to Setup Google Analytics for Your eCommerce Shopify Store

With a brick and mortar business, you have the ability to see customers firsthand, learn their habits, and speak to them. Which is why your eCommerce store needs Google Analytics. Without Google Analytics, an online store is blind to the kind of information that’s so easily tracked with a physical storefront. Here’s the easy four-step system to get setup and start tracking your store’s visitors.

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