Building Reliable Traffic Through Content With Victor From HiFly Photography

We recently sat down with Victor Montalvo from Hifly Photography to find out how they built a stable traffic flow. In our interview, we discovered how they took a slower marketing route to ensure a strong organic audience. They also shared some tips on content marketing and why feedback is essential. Enjoy these actionable insights from Hifly Photography.

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Control Email Frequency In Auto-Responders | Marketer Monday 24

Controlling how leads go in and out of your email auto-responder can be confusing… especially when you’re running multiple campaigns at the same time.

In this episode of Marketer Monday you will learn how to control the frequency of your automated emails so that you’re leads and customers are only receiving the right message at the right time.

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7 Impressive Tactics to Build Customer Loyalty and Create Your Own ‘Super Users’

Being honest, engaging with your customers, and providing great service are the right things to do as business owner. These principles are also at the foundation of companies who have created deep customer loyalty and benefited from their ‘super users.’ This is the type of customer loyalty will help you grow your business, as they help you sell your products and provide a consistent source of motivated leads. Here’s seven new and powerful tactics you can start using now to turn your loyal customers into ‘Super Users’!

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