How Not to Use Scarcity Marketing

Conveying a sense of scarcity and urgency is a powerful marketing tactic that taps into the psychology of why we say, “Yes.” When utilized correctly scarcity marketing can give your company and sales a massive boost. On the other hand, when done wrong, you can hurt the reputation of your business and lose the loyalty and trust of your customers

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7 Easy Tactics to Build Customer Loyalty and Create Super Users

Being honest, engaging with your customers, and providing great service are the right things to do as business owner. These principles are also at the foundation of companies who have created deep customer loyalty and benefited from their ‘super users.’ This is the type of customer loyalty will help you grow your business, as they help you sell your products and provide a consistent source of motivated leads. Here’s seven new and powerful tactics you can start using now to turn your loyal customers into ‘Super Users’!

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6 Tactics for Building an Engaged Community Using Facebook Groups

Social proof is one of the biggest drivers of sales in business. Creating a Facebook group around your business is unlocking the social proof’s power to to set up a foundation for hugely-scalable word of mouth. It’s simple to set-up a Facebook group but creating one that’s powerful and engaged isn’t. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite tactics, so your Facebook Groups can be successful, while keeping it’s members engaged and spam-free!

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Are You Targeting The Right Audience?

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