Should You Start A Blog? | Marketer Monday 36

Should you start a blog? As someone who has built sites in the eCommerce space, in the information marketing space, and in the software space, I get this question all of the time….

As you’ll discover in this video, we have blogs on all of our sites. However, we have two totally different approaching towards blogging based on the end goal of the blog.

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The 17 Best Lead Magnet Examples For Lead Generation in 2017

Do you know the #1 worst kept secret of lead generation in online marketing? It’s probably obvious from the title, but the worst kept secret is lead magnets.

I know what you are thinking…everyone is talking about lead magnets already and it’s nothing new. You’re right, lead magnets are nothing new, but if everyone is talking about them then why is everyone still doing them COMPLETELY WRONG!

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How Not to Use Scarcity Marketing

Conveying a sense of scarcity and urgency is a powerful marketing tactic that taps into the psychology of why we say, “Yes.” When utilized correctly scarcity marketing can give your company and sales a massive boost. On the other hand, when done wrong, you can hurt the reputation of your business and lose the loyalty and trust of your customers

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