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Hey, what’s up guys. Anton here from Performance Marketer and in this video I want to talk about the results that we’ve seen since we started doing Ever webinars or automated webinars. Now, little bit of context, we’ve been doing live webinars probably for the past two years now. You know, maybe we did them once in a month, maybe twice a month, but pretty consistently for the past two years. So, have lots of experience with webinars and, again, about a month ago, we started mixing in these automated webinars kind of to see if we could maintain our same results. So, I’m going to share what happened to us and what maybe you can expect if you’re considering, you know, maybe running these Evergreen or automated webinars.

So, I’m going to show you guys basically what happened with 1,000 registrants for each scenario. Again, this is based on our actual numbers; this is what happened in our business. So I’m going to make a little “R” there and the “R” means again, 1,000 people registering, okay? Now, we’ll use this left side for the Evergreen. So I’m just going to write “Ever webinar” because that is the platform that we’ve been using for our automated webinars. And then on the right, this will be “live”. And, by the way, for our live webinars, we always use “GoToWebinar”. I don’t think the platform is what made the difference here, but just wanted to kind of let you know what we used in our businesses. The reason we use GoToWebinar as opposed to Webinar Jam is because of reliability issues. EverWebinar doesn’t have that issue because it is prerecorded but the first thing I want to show you guys is the actual attendance because as you can imagine, with these Everwebinars, these automated webinars the attendance is usually much higher. And that’s because the way we do it at least is top of the hour. So basically wherever you are in the world, you can join a webinar that’s about to start which means that the people that are actually going to go ahead and, you know, show up is a lot higher because they’re basically registering and then it starts. So the attendance rate is much higher.

For our Everwebinars, it’s been 65% and for our live webinars, we average at about 35%. So, that means with the Everwebinar we get, for every 1,000 that register, 650 and I’m going to make a little “A”, that means attends. So out of that thousand, we have 650 on the webinar. For our live ones, once again, I think this number is so drastically different because they’re basically registering, you know, maybe a week out even. So we get a lot less people to show up. Now, here’s the deal, though. This is what really matters, right? How much money is being made from each of them. Well, with the Everwebinar, we’ve been basically averaging a 2.3%, I just checked this, a 2.3% conversion rate. Which, you know, it’s low. You know, no way of getting around that. It’s not low; it’s not high, I’m sorry. So, I’m going to get my calculator because I’m terrible at math and I’m going to show you what that means in terms of dollars, right?

Out of 650 people that show up live, we have been averaging about fifteen sales, okay? That gets us fifteen sales of our product. Again, we sell like high ticket stuff so this is at a $2,000 price point. That’s typically what we sell on our webinars and we get $2,000 offer. Now, with the live webinars, we pretty much maintain a 6% conversion rate, okay? I’m going to put down here 6 and I’ll make the percent and I’ll write “C”. I’ll make this percentage as well. Now, what does that mean? 6% of 300 – eighteen. Okay? So eighteen sales. Now, what does that mean? It means with the same 1,000 people that that actually go ahead and register for one of our webinars, you know, we’re basically making more money with less of them getting on live. So, while these Evergreen webinars, I still think they have potential; obviously they made fifteen extra sales but that also leaves me wondering, “Well, if I had them on here, you know, as of now, it’s worth three extra sales.” Right? Three sales at the 2k price point. So it’s $6,000 in lost money. And I know, maybe that’s not how I should think of it but if these people were on here, I know there’d be less of them that actually attended but I know more of them would convert which, I know would be extra $6,000 in the bank.

So, guys, this is kind of, again, like a visualization of exactly what’s happened to us over the past month. There’s not that many other variables here, like, in terms of what we’re doing. Like, there’s not enough to justify this big difference, you know, this 2.3 as opposed to 6% conversion. I think if, you know, this is kind of subjectively, the reason it’s converting lower is because a big part of the live webinars I do is kind of interactive, right? So I’m doing the webinar, I’m teaching, I’m sharing information, people are asking questions and I’m able to say, “Yes, John, this is the answer to that.” Or “Yes, Sally, here’s how you do that.” And it’s much more engaging when people actually hear me calling them out, and you know, being there to assist.

Now, on these Everwebinars, I should also say, we don’t pretend that they’re live. So there’s a big message that says, you know, “This webinar is prerecorded. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them and we’ll get back to you, you know, with the answer.” So, we’re not trying to, like, trick people so it’s not, you know, they definitely know they’re on prerecorded webinar. But again, guys, huge difference in conversion rate and with 1,000, which we run through all the time, we’re basically leaving a lot of money on the table.

So, we’re going to keep doing some stuff in our business to try to get this conversion number up and of course we’re always trying to get this one up as well. But I wanted to share this and I really wanted to ask, I guess, the community on Youtube or Facebook, for anyone that does both types of webinars that has success with them, what are you seeing? Are you seeing the same kind of trends? Are the numbers, you know, totally different? Are they opposite? I’m really trying to see if this is just, like an internal thing that’s happening or if it’s something that you’re seeing as well. So, definitely leave a comment below this video. Let me know if this was helpful and let me know what you’re experiencing. And, yeah, we’re going to keep tweaking, we’re going to try getting all these numbers up and I’ll report back with results.

So, hope you guys got value from this episode of Marketer Monday. If you’re on Youtube right now, go the playlist for Marketer Monday, we have like 30 videos already with tons of information, tons of results. I’m sure you’re going to find it helpful so go check that out and I will see you guys next week for Marketer Monday. Thank you.

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Automated Vs. Live Webinars: The Results Are In! | EverWebinar Vs. GoToWebinar
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After 2+ years of hosting live webinars on GoToWebinar we finally decided to give automated webinars on EverWebinar a try… after 1 month and over 1,000 registrants through the webinar, the results are in!

In this episode of Marketer Monday you will see the differences of automated and live webinars including the differences in attendance rate AND conversation rate.

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Have you also ran both live and automated webinars? How do your numbers stack up against ours? Let me know in the comments below!

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