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The Gain Logic Fear Email Sequence

Did you know, that the webinar funnel has the ability to easily be your most profitable funnel? While we are constantly testing the different aspects of all of our funnels, the webinar funnel requires some special treatment.

Most people seem to think that driving traffic to a webinar opt-in is the end of the funnel. A huge portion of your sales should come in the follow-up sequence and that’s exactly where the Gain / Logic / Fear sequence comes into play.

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Should You Start A Blog? | Marketer Monday 36

Should you start a blog? As someone who has built sites in the eCommerce space, in the information marketing space, and in the software space, I get this question all of the time….

As you’ll discover in this video, we have blogs on all of our sites. However, we have two totally different approaching towards blogging based on the end goal of the blog.

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