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on August 08/10/17

The $1,743 Reason My Webinar Failed

I’ve spent the last 4 years creating webinars, but this last webinar was literally the worst one we’ve ever done. How bad?

Well, after spending $1,743 in advertising we got zero sales… ZERO!

scarcity marketing companies

on July 07/27/17

40 Examples of Scarcity Marketing and Every Reason Why It Works

Marketing is in essence applied psychology, but it would be unbecoming to prey on people’s weakness in order to make a gain for yourself. Thankfully, there are ethical ways to use avoidance of pain in marketing, and scarcity marketing is simply a tool that is used to that end.

ecommerce email sequence

on July 07/20/17

The Gain Logic Fear Email Sequence

Did you know, that the webinar funnel has the ability to easily be your most profitable funnel? While we are constantly testing the different aspects of all of our funnels, the webinar funnel requires some special treatment.

Most people seem to think that driving traffic to a webinar opt-in is the end of the funnel. A huge portion of your sales should come in the follow-up sequence and that’s exactly where the Gain / Logic / Fear sequence comes into play.

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