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CRO Bar is a notification system designed to alert your customers and increase conversions.

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Copy Kraken creates all your sales letters in minutes, WITHOUT hiring an expensive copywriter.

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Countdown Kraken allows you to create advanced countdown timers, evergreen timers, and auto-redirects.

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Comment Kraken helps you manage your social community and respond quickly to moderate your business.

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Outreach marketing is not about marketing at your customers. In it’s most simple state, outreach marketing is a form of marketing that aims to focus on human connections. This kind of marketing strategy taps into the simple psychology preference of word-of-mouth recommendations.
The holiday season is saturated and you’ll have to run clever promotions to stand out from the competition. To get the most out of your well-crafted promotions you should use every tool you have. One of your most powerful tools is scarcity.
One of the most common myths that has plagued digital marketers for years is taking a 'high' email unsubscribes rate as a sign of failure. The reality is that unsubscribers are doing the work for you and cleaning your list of people that have lost interest. Which is key to building a powerful email list.
I love how easy it is to define a brand’s voice or find new audiences on social media. It’s a huge reason why I’m not giving up on social media, and neither should you! However, times are changing and so are the basic tactics that every social media manager should take. Here are 7 tactics that are the difference between standing out on social media, and just adding to the noise.
#WeAreNotConfusionsoft is more confusing than beneficial in ClickFunnels attempt to compete with Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels share a lot of the same powerful features, but they also have key differences. Here's how we've integrated the two together.
Email is made to connect. It’s made to land in inboxes, made to be open, and not made to be missed or deleted. You might think that it’s a good idea to wait until you’ve scraped together some semblance of a profitable business before you get started with email marketing. But if there’s one tip we can give you: Get started right away!
You manage email marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes but might not always get the desired results: the average CTR of 3.75% is your maximum, and about 78% of your marketing emails get… nothing. What went wrong? Have you considered you're using the wrong words in your email copy? This article shows you why you need to avoid using these 20 words in your marketing emails.
Opt-in offers are a great, fast way to building a large email list, but as consumers grow more and more protective of their personal information, you'll have to create better offers if you want them to hand their email over.

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